What is a blower motor?
28 Mar
What Is A Blower Motor?

Definition of Blower Motor A blower motor is the component within a home’s HVAC system that blows heated air through the vents when the...

Dealing with a blown fuse
21 Mar
How to Deal With A Blown Fuse

While a large number of American homes have switched their electrical panels over to a breaker box, a great number still have fuse...

home plumbing tips
09 Mar
Top 4 Home Plumbing Tips

The time of year that we spend decluttering and cleaning our homes is coming, but we’re not there just yet. Mother nature hasn’t...

heat pump
28 Feb
What Is A Heat Pump?

Definition of Heat Pump A heat pump is an electrical device that takes heat from one location and moves it to another. A heat...