it is important to leverage an AFCI to help prevent electrical fires
20 Oct
What is an AFCI & How They Prevent Electrical Fires?

Our homes provide shelter and security. We rely on our homes to keep us safe. Part of home security is protection against accidents, such as electrical fires. Although not sexy, arc fault circuit interrupters (or AFCI) helps prevent electrical fires and should be installed in...

smoke alarms are the key to home fire prevention
06 Oct
9 Fire Prevention Tips to Protect Your Family

Are you prepared for a fire emergency? Although a dire topic, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), home fires were reported roughly every 90 seconds a few years ago. Due to the severity of home fires, it is important to keep your home...

How GFCIs Protect Your Home
08 Sep
How GFCIs Protect Your Home & Family

Ground fault circuit interrupters (or GFCIs) are electrical safety devices that trip electrical circuits when they detect ground faults or leakage currents. Since their incorporation into the National Electrical Code in 1971, GFCIs have saved thousands of lives and reduced home electrocutions by 50%! Undoubtedly, GFCIs...

spring power savings tips
19 May
13 Spring Power Savings Tips

Spring is in the air. Yes, after an extended few weeks of mild temperatures, spring is here and the weather is starting to get hot. In New England, our hot, hazy and humid temperatures can wreak havoc on our AC systems and electric bills. To...

How Home Automation Works
10 Mar
How Home Automation Works

What is the connected home? Like many homeowners, we don’t have time to stay up-to-date on all of the new technology that may or may not help simplify our lives. Home automation helps control various essentials like the use of electricity, heat and air conditioning. Why is home...

How to Find the Best Electrician
08 Feb
How to Find Electricians: Hire the Best Electrician for You

50 Expert Tips and Quotes on Finding, Evaluating, and Working with Professional Electricians Finding yourself in need of the services of a professional electrician is not an everyday occurrence for homeowners or business owners, so many find themselves unsure where to look to find qualified local...

how to save electricity during the holidays
17 Dec
9 Simple Steps to Save on Electricity During the Holidays

Lights are part of the holiday season. One of the popular traditions is driving around town looking at homes with wonderful holiday decorations. Of course, lights mean one thing…electricity. And more electricity means a bump in the monthly utility costs. For those with homes that are already...

7 Things to Cut Energy Bills
15 Oct
7 Tested Things You Can Do To Cut Your Energy Bills

Are you worried about the winter weather impacting your energy bills? During the fall, then many folks look to winterize their homes in New England as they prepare for the winter. It is the winter version of spring cleaning and can really make a difference...

how to check your circuit breaker
01 Oct
Got Electricity? Check your Circuit Breaker!

Storm season is upon us. Notably as Hurricane Joaquin progresses over the weekend, stormy weather will certainly hit our homes. To keep your family and home safe, then preparation is critical. Often, as storms approach and hit our communities, then the power is the first signal...