family fun earth day activities
20 Apr
Family Fun Earth Day Activities

Spring is the season of growth and sustainability. And Earth Day is a day to teach our children about the importance of recycling, conserving water, and how to “go green.” After all, our children are the future, so why show them how to take care...

tax deductions tips
13 Apr
How to Save with Home Tax Deductions

Tax time is around the corner. Any homeowners should be eagerly looking into the tax deductions that are available to them. Why? In general, the tax code aims to help homeowners. For example, here are 10 common home related tax deductions that are not available for renters....

efficient heating keeps your family warm
19 Jan
10 Ways to Create Efficient Heating in Your Home

Every home has a heating and cooling system, but not every home has efficient heating. For example, are you tired of drafty rooms or windows and high energy costs every winter? Efficient heating means home comfort, along with reasonable energy costs. Especially in the Northeast, cold temperatures...

save on costs with these winter energy saving tips
12 Jan
Winter Energy Saving Tips

The holidays are over and now we get to enjoy fun part of winter, the weather. If you are not a ski bum, then the winter weather is simply cold. Fortunately, there are some simple energy saving tips that can help warm our homes. If we...

homeowner's savings guide
22 Dec
A Homeowner’s Guide to Rebates, Tax Credits, & Home Savings Opportunities

Owning a home is one of the most substantial expenses in most people’s lives. Real estate is not only expensive to purchase but also to maintain. Ordinary home maintenance costs, such as landscaping, repairing leaky faucets, repainting, and replacing carpeting or flooring add up over...

avoid heating problems and keep your home warm this winter
15 Dec
How to Avoid Common Heating Problems

Winter is no longer coming. Winter is here and the weather proves it. In Connecticut, we get to enjoy the snow, but also deal with bitter cold. Fortunately, our homes provide shelter and comfort for our families. However, heating problems do occur throughout the winter. Does...

how to save energy during the holidays
08 Dec
How To Save Energy This Holiday Season

The holidays. That time from Halloween to New Year’s seems like a marathon of parties and festivities. The holidays are exhilarating and wonderful, but also stressful and draining time as well. The mental drain can also extend to your utility bills as well. From the Griswold-worthy...

how do home energy audits work
13 Oct
How Home Energy Audits Protect Your Home and Family

Do you ever hear wind whistling through your windows? Does the sound make you feel like you live in a haunted house? While your home is probably not haunted by ghosts, the real problem is just as scary. You could be losing a lot of energy...