pet safety tips to keep your pet and home safe
23 Mar
Stay Safe with these Home Pet Safety Tips

Our pets are part of the family. Any pet owner will attest that dogs, cats or any creature out of cage are curious creatures. Pet safety is important because we all want to keep our families safe. From the kitchen to family room and bathrooms to...

some good movies to watch together.
23 Feb
5 Good Movies to Watch to Feel Like Home

Home means different things to different people, but for the most part, it means family. Whether you think about the place where you grew up or the place where you gather with loved ones for the holidays, home is usually thought of as a place for...

valentine's day ideas
09 Feb
Lovely Valentine’s Day Ideas

Tis the season of love! It’s time for heart shaped sandwiches and fruit, pink juice, and red pancakes; it’s Valentine’s Day! Yes, many of the benefits of owning a home means creating memories with your family. From the holidays to everyday stories, memories are created all...

03 Feb
Super Bowl Sunday Tailgate Treats

Whether you’re a Pats fan or you’re rooting for the Falcons, there is one thing that everyone watching the Super Bowl can agree on: Super Bowl parties need delicious treats! And not just a bowl of chips and a plate of hot dogs. No, if you want...

Wonderful Kids Winter Activities
26 Jan
Wonderful Kids Winter Activities

We cannot go into hibernation as soon as the snow starts to fall and that unshakable chill sinks into our bones. Instead of retreating into dens and sleeping until spring, we tend to cozy up indoors, sipping hot drinks and watching far too much television....

top 10 home improvement podcasts
05 Jan
The Top 10 Home Improvement Podcasts: Tune In Today!

From murder mysteries like Serial to stories from NPR, podcasts cover virtually every topic. And home improvement topics are no different. So as we kick off 2017 and look to improve the little things in our lives and homes, here are some podcasts that are...

how to host holiday parties
23 Dec
How to Host Holly Jolly Holiday Parties

The holidays are in full swing and the main event is is just around the corner. Have you decked the halls? Hidden the Elf so many times you forget where he’s been? Are you waiting for that long winter’s nap to finally arrive? How about...

how to save energy during the holidays
08 Dec
How To Save Energy This Holiday Season

The holidays. That time from Halloween to New Year’s seems like a marathon of parties and festivities. The holidays are exhilarating and wonderful, but also stressful and draining time as well. The mental drain can also extend to your utility bills as well. From the Griswold-worthy...

DIY Home Tips that Help During the Holidays
01 Dec
DIY Home Tips for the Holidays

Winter is here, which means it is time for the holidays. For some of us, that means a few trips to visit friends and family. For others, the hosting and entertaining during holidays are part of why we love our home. As the days tick...