top 10 home improvement podcasts
05 Jan
The Top 10 Home Improvement Podcasts: Tune In Today!

From murder mysteries like Serial to stories from NPR, podcasts cover virtually every topic. And home improvement topics are no different. So as we kick off 2017 and look to improve the little things in our lives and homes, here are some podcasts that are...

the best home projects that add value to your home
29 Dec
Top Home Projects That Return Value

Resolutions are a right of passage. Each year, we tend to make changes to improve our lives for the better. We make changes to increase the value of our lives. For homeowners, there are also home resolutions. There are some great home projects that make...

homeowner's savings guide
22 Dec
A Homeowner’s Guide to Rebates, Tax Credits, & Home Savings Opportunities

Owning a home is one of the most substantial expenses in most people’s lives. Real estate is not only expensive to purchase but also to maintain. Ordinary home maintenance costs, such as landscaping, repairing leaky faucets, repainting, and replacing carpeting or flooring add up over...

DIY Home Tips that Help During the Holidays
01 Dec
DIY Home Tips for the Holidays

Winter is here, which means it is time for the holidays. For some of us, that means a few trips to visit friends and family. For others, the hosting and entertaining during holidays are part of why we love our home. As the days tick...

tips for the weekend warrior around the home
03 Nov
Tricks of the Trade for the Weekend Warrior Around the Home

Are you a weekend warrior that plans your home improvement projects months in advance? Do you like the satisfaction of a job well done or simply want to save a few dollars? There are many reasons why homeowners choose to fix up their home. For example, not...

water heater repair and buying guide
02 Jun
Water Heater Repair and Buying Guide

Everything a Homeowner Needs to Know About Repairing and Purchasing a Water Heater When is the last time you thought about your water heater? While water heaters make our lives easier and more comfortable, we often take them for granted. It’s when a water heater leaks...

3 home improvement tax deductions
14 Apr
Top 3 Home Improvement Tax Deductions

It’s tax time. Many of us have likely prepared and filed our 2016 taxes, but there are a few more days left for those procrastinators. Homeownership brings many joins. First and foremost, our homes provide a stability and security to live comfortable and support our families. Another terrific...

home maintenance tips
31 Mar
DIY Home Maintenance Clips & Tips

We all want to believe that we know it all. But, sometimes we need some help. Especially when it comes to our homes. Not all of us our home improvements experts. There are many minor things that homeowners may want to fix, but lack the time and...

Don't Forget About Home Resolutions
07 Jan
Don’t Forget Your Home Resolutions!

The New Year’s resolution is part of life. As we returned to work following our holiday rest and relaxation, the water cooler talk turns to our 2016 plans. We are asked about our resolutions. Where do we want to improve in the coming year? Well, your...