Dealing with a blown fuse
21 Mar
How to Deal With A Blown Fuse

While a large number of American homes have switched their electrical panels over to a breaker box, a great number still have fuse boxes that use fuses in order to prevent power overloads and short circuits. How to Tell If A Fuse Has Blown It will be...

avoid heating problems and keep your home warm this winter
15 Dec
How to Avoid Common Heating Problems

Winter is no longer coming. Winter is here and the weather proves it. In Connecticut, we get to enjoy the snow, but also deal with bitter cold. Fortunately, our homes provide shelter and comfort for our families. However, heating problems do occur throughout the winter. Does...

How GFCIs Protect Your Home
08 Sep
How GFCIs Protect Your Home & Family

Ground fault circuit interrupters (or GFCIs) are electrical safety devices that trip electrical circuits when they detect ground faults or leakage currents. Since their incorporation into the National Electrical Code in 1971, GFCIs have saved thousands of lives and reduced home electrocutions by 50%! Undoubtedly, GFCIs...

AC Not Working? Steps to Fix It.
23 Jun
AC Not Working? 7 Easy Questions To Answer!

AC not working? As the summer heats up, the AC unit gets a lot of work. Afterall, on those hazy, hot and humid summer days, not having a fully functioning air conditioning system could make your home unbearably. So, how do you know if your AC unit...

how to fix common plumbing problems
28 Apr
5 Common Plumbing Problems and Solutions

What happens in your house when the faucet starts leaking or the toilet starts running? How about when the kitchen sink clogs or pipe drips? There are some common plumbing problems that all homeowners experience. For many people, common household issues mean calls to the local handyman...

home maintenance tips
31 Mar
DIY Home Maintenance Clips & Tips

We all want to believe that we know it all. But, sometimes we need some help. Especially when it comes to our homes. Not all of us our home improvements experts. There are many minor things that homeowners may want to fix, but lack the time and...

How to Find the Best Electrician
08 Feb
How to Find Electricians: Hire the Best Electrician for You

50 Expert Tips and Quotes on Finding, Evaluating, and Working with Professional Electricians Finding yourself in need of the services of a professional electrician is not an everyday occurrence for homeowners or business owners, so many find themselves unsure where to look to find qualified local...

how to avoid clogged drains
24 Dec
Be Careful! The Clogged Drains Culprits are Back

The SolvIt family wishes everyone a happy and healthy holiday! We wish everyone a fun, relaxing and refreshing holiday weekend. The last few weeks of the year typically help us recharge our batteries and start the New Year with a fresh start. As we gather around...

Sump Pump Buying Guide Featuring the Best Sump Pumps_1
05 Dec
The Best Sump Pumps: Sump Pump Buying & Installation Guide

Sump pumps. You never really appreciate the value of these tools until you need them…or until you wish you had invested in one. If you do not have a sump pump, you are putting your basement – as well as any valuables, furniture, exercise equipment,...

3 Steps to Protect Your Roof from Ice Dams
03 Dec
3 Steps to Protect Your Roof from Ice Dams this Winter!

In the Northeast, ice dams are part of winter. For homeowners, ice dams are a significant risk because they can create long-term damage. Also, ice dams are a pain in the butt. Luckily, there are some simple ways that homeowners can protect their roofs during the...