save on costs with these winter energy saving tips
12 Jan
Winter Energy Saving Tips

The holidays are over and now we get to enjoy fun part of winter, the weather. If you are not a ski bum, then the winter weather is simply cold. Fortunately, there are some simple energy saving tips that can help warm our homes. If we...

how do home energy audits work
13 Oct
How Home Energy Audits Protect Your Home and Family

Do you ever hear wind whistling through your windows? Does the sound make you feel like you live in a haunted house? While your home is probably not haunted by ghosts, the real problem is just as scary. You could be losing a lot of energy...

spring power savings tips
19 May
13 Spring Power Savings Tips

Spring is in the air. Yes, after an extended few weeks of mild temperatures, spring is here and the weather is starting to get hot. In New England, our hot, hazy and humid temperatures can wreak havoc on our AC systems and electric bills. To...

common first time homeowner problems
05 Feb
Common Concerns First Time Homeowners

Death, baseball and apple pie. All three are part of the typical American Dream. Plus, homeownership! Our homes become part of our fabric because they provide the foundation for many great memories over the years. There is a lot of discussion about the financial commitment to homeownership, but...

snow storm safety tips
14 Jan
7 Snow Storm Safety Tips to Protect Your Home and Family

New Englanders are tough. We may complain from time to time, but the weather is pretty good. Winter will strike and we will be prepared, but we will enjoy the extended crisp fall air as long as it lasts. Homeowners know about winterization and should...

3 Steps to Protect Your Roof from Ice Dams
03 Dec
3 Steps to Protect Your Roof from Ice Dams this Winter!

In the Northeast, ice dams are part of winter. For homeowners, ice dams are a significant risk because they can create long-term damage. Also, ice dams are a pain in the butt. Luckily, there are some simple ways that homeowners can protect their roofs during the...

5 FAQs about Winterizing Your Home
05 Nov
5 FAQs for Winterizing Your Home

Homeowners typically think weatherization means extra insulation and sealing air ducts. However, proper weatherization means so much more, like reducing the risk of ice dams and drainage problems. What is winterization? For novice homeowners, then there might be some ambiguity to what does ‘winterization’ actually mean? From...

5 Ways to Reduce Office Building Energy Costs
22 Oct
5 Ways to Reduce Office Building Energy Costs

Winter weather can really play havoc. For business owners, the weather can impact their business performance because winter storms affect potential customers and employees. However, another large business expense is energy costs. As the temperature drops, then the office requires more heat to keep everyone...

What Do You Know About Your Crawl Space?
06 Aug
What Do You Know About Your Crawl Space?

Is your crawl space the creepy, dark and damp type full of spiders and all sorts of other insects, or possibly rodents? Maybe your crawl space has a little more room and you store your personal belongings and yard tools in it; but do you ever...