home plumbing tips
09 Mar
Top 4 Home Plumbing Tips

The time of year that we spend decluttering and cleaning our homes is coming, but we’re not there just yet. Mother nature hasn’t quite made up her mind about whether or not we get sunshine and cool breezes or gray skies and snow. However, there are...

tips for the weekend warrior around the home
03 Nov
Tricks of the Trade for the Weekend Warrior Around the Home

Are you a weekend warrior that plans your home improvement projects months in advance? Do you like the satisfaction of a job well done or simply want to save a few dollars? There are many reasons why homeowners choose to fix up their home. For example, not...

water heater repair and buying guide
02 Jun
Water Heater Repair and Buying Guide

Everything a Homeowner Needs to Know About Repairing and Purchasing a Water Heater When is the last time you thought about your water heater? While water heaters make our lives easier and more comfortable, we often take them for granted. It’s when a water heater leaks...

how to fix common plumbing problems
28 Apr
5 Common Plumbing Problems and Solutions

What happens in your house when the faucet starts leaking or the toilet starts running? How about when the kitchen sink clogs or pipe drips? There are some common plumbing problems that all homeowners experience. For many people, common household issues mean calls to the local handyman...

home maintenance checks
24 Mar
7 Home Maintenance Checks For Spring Cleaning

Do you dread spring cleaning? Do you have a laundry list of items to fix around the house? Do you have the clean gene as part of your DNA? For most homeowners, we look at spring cleaning to dust a few rooms and throw out some old junk....

check the hot water heater to avoid cold showers
03 Mar
4 Essential Things To Know About Your Hot Water Heater!

When was the last time you thought about your hot water heater? Was it when you had no hot water? Most homeowners think about major appliances, such as hot water heaters, when there is an issue. And this is perfectly understandable. Home appliances are typically out of sight...

well water tips
18 Feb
Winter Well Water Tips and Tricks

Winter weather can cause problems for homeowners. For homeowners that rely on wells to provide high quality water for their families, then winter may cause additional problems. Mother Nature can aggravate any potential well-related problems. So save yourself some aggravation, along with time and money by...

common first time homeowner problems
05 Feb
Common Concerns First Time Homeowners

Death, baseball and apple pie. All three are part of the typical American Dream. Plus, homeownership! Our homes become part of our fabric because they provide the foundation for many great memories over the years. There is a lot of discussion about the financial commitment to homeownership, but...

Don't Forget About Home Resolutions
07 Jan
Don’t Forget Your Home Resolutions!

The New Year’s resolution is part of life. As we returned to work following our holiday rest and relaxation, the water cooler talk turns to our 2016 plans. We are asked about our resolutions. Where do we want to improve in the coming year? Well, your...

how to avoid clogged drains
24 Dec
Be Careful! The Clogged Drains Culprits are Back

The SolvIt family wishes everyone a happy and healthy holiday! We wish everyone a fun, relaxing and refreshing holiday weekend. The last few weeks of the year typically help us recharge our batteries and start the New Year with a fresh start. As we gather around...