11 Festive Independence Day Ideas

Independence Day Ideas

11 Festive Independence Day Ideas

(Last Updated On: June 30, 2016)

The summer is hitting its stride as Independence Day approaches. After all, the resurgence is the summer blockbuster!

However, if you are looking for a more casual July 4th weekend filled with the traditional food, fare and fun, then here are some festive ideas.

DIY Independence Day Decoration Projects

Looking to top off your home decor with some patriotic designs? Here are a mix of classic and unique ideas, along with the instructions to tackle these projects this weekend.

1. Wood-Panel American Flag

The simple and classic American Flag wood panel decor is perfect for the front yard, back yard or anywhere around your home (via @CourtneyADITS).


2. Hand Painted Sign

Everyone loves hand painted signs that show some personality. Find some scrap wood and these design templates to create your own patriotic sign this weekend (via @landeelu).


3. Spirited Lawn Stars

Add some festive flair this Independence Day weekend to your yard with these simple stars that can adorn your lawn or walkway (via @SunsetMag).


4. Patriotic Picnic Table

Spruce up your picnic table at the annual cookout this weekend with this simple patriotic red, white and blue table cloth design. Pick up some streamers and you are on your way (via @LemonTreeCathy).


Simple & Spirited Independence Day Activities

Take advantage of the long holiday weekend and try some new activities with the kids (or grandkids).

5. DIY American Flag T-Shirt

Every kid loves to get a little messy. Mark the holiday with a handmade American flag t-shirt that any child would love to show off at the fireworks (via @ToriJohnson).


6. Foam Firecracker Slingshot

For more active youngsters, then consider putting together this foam firecracker and let the kids have their own fireworks show (via @LollyJaneBlog).


7. July 4th Slime

Beautiful shades of red, white, and blue mixed with star shaped confetti is a wonderful sensory treat for kids of all ages. Plus, this July 4th slime is good for the rest of summer (via @SarahLiitlebins).


Fun & Festive Patriotic Food Ideas

Perhaps our favorite part of any holiday is the food. If you are looking to try a fun and festive dish at this year’s Independence Day party, then try one of these simple dishes.

8. Patriotic Pretzels

For a simple and colorful dessert-type snack, then try these Red, White and Blue Dipped Pretzels, which are perfect for any summer celebration and can easily be made in advance (via @the36thavenue).


9. Shortcake Ice Cream Sandwiches

A super simple dish to add some summer fruit to the standard ice cream sandwich is this take on strawberry shortcake (via @TidyMom).


10. American Flag Pudding Pops

A nice take on the traditional Bomb Pop is this American Flag Pudding Pop, which only takes a few simple steps to make at home (via @No2PencilBlog).


11. Patriotic Punch

A classic summer drink is Patriotic Punch, which is basically a mix of fruit punch, blue Gatorade and Sprite or 7Up. The key to layering beverages is the density of the sugar levels, so start with the most sugar on the bottom (via @DivasCanCook).

What are your favorite Independence Day activities? Please share them with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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