Air Conditioning Repair & Service in Connecticut

Air Conditioning RepairSolvIt Tech with AC condenser working on air conditioner repair

You can count on SolvIt’s exceptional technicians to provide you with AC repair and service 24/7. If anything goes wrong with your current system, the experienced team of SolvIt HVAC technicians will diagnose, explain, and fix the problem with a minimum delay, a maximum of professional skill and customer courtesy.

The majority of damages to an air conditioning system come from a problem going undetected for a long period of time. It can be difficult to determine where your air conditioning problem is and whether or not it is need of emergency service. Our experienced technicians can be relied on to best diagnose the problem and the extent of the repairs your system needs.

SolvIt uses state of the art tools to troubleshoot your AC system and we always arrive with fully stocked trucks with many replacement parts to fix your air conditioner in a timely and efficient manner. If repairing your existing unit is not an option, SolvIt’s installation specialists offer new AC system replacement as well.

Are you worried about the cost between repairing your existing system or installing a new AC system? Don’t worry, SolvIt can help you decide which avenue is the best fit for you. Find out the pros and cons between repairing or replacing your AC system.

SolvIt Home Services offers all of our air conditioning repair and maintenance services to all of Connecticut. Find all of our CT services areas here.

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