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5 Good Movies to Watch to Feel Like Home

5 Good Movies to Watch to Feel Like Home

Home means different things to different people, but for the most part, it means family.

Whether you think about the place where you grew up or the place where you gather with loved ones for the holidays, home is usually thought of as a place for families.

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Movies are no exception.

Some of the best movies related to the “home” are set around the dysfunction and eventual understanding of families.

So in the spirit of Oscar weekend here are some good movies to watch to bring back that feeling of home! Although many of these family “home” movies are kids’ movies that shouldn’t stop you from watching them!

1. Zootopia

Zootopia is a film about a bunny, Jody Hopps, who joins the police force and aspires to be the best officer she can be. However, no one really has any faith in her because of her size and what she is, not even her family. When she meets a sneaky fox, Nick Wilde, she finds out what it takes to be a cop in Zootopia. In this film, she tries to make a home out of the big city and a family out of strangers.

2. Moana

Moana is the story of a teenager who has dreamed of leaving home and exploring the ocean. Just as she accepts her fate of leading her people and staying on the island, something terrible threatens the lives of her people. Now she must leave home, traversing the dangerous ocean and its terrifying creatures with a formerly mighty demigod in order to fulfill her ancestors quest and save her island home.

3. Finding Dory

We waited ten years for the sequel to Finding Nemo, and boy did Disney deliver. Another 2016 hit, Finding Dory is the story of Dory the blue tang with short term memory loss and her journey to find home. Bits of her childhood memory keep resurfacing, sending her on a mission, following clues that lead her to new friends, new places, and hopefully, home and her parents.

4. The Edge of Seventeen

The Edge of Seventeen is a new coming of age film. This 2016 film is funny, poignant, and heartbreaking; just the right mixture for a great coming of age film. In this one, Nadine is a high schooler who has suffered a tragedy. Nadine and her family have a hard time dealing with it. Much of this film centers around the upheaval in her home when her family life and her social life collide. With hilarious beats, wonderful characters, and some gut-wrenching scenes, this film reminds many of classic John Hughes films.

5. This is Where I Leave You

With a superb cast led by Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, and Jane Fonda, This is Where I Leave You brilliantly touches feelings of unrequited love, loss, and hope. A comedy about a four grown siblings who return home after the death of their father. As they are forced to live under the same roof for a week, life ensues. Under such duress, the siblings face exes, their pasts, and their futures in this hilarious and heartbreaking film. By the end of this film you’ll want to hug your siblings.

Enjoy the show!