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How to Develop a Relationship with Your AC Contractor

How to Develop a Relationship with Your AC Contractor

Spring is in full swing and summer temperatures are on the horizon. As a result, now is the time to touch base with your AC contractor for an annual tune-up.

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Additionally, homeowners that develop a lasting relationship with reputable companies and technicians receive peace of mind.

Find an Experienced AC Contractor

tips to find a great ac contractor

Still in search of a reliable AC company?

Air conditioning remains an important and expensive piece of any home’s HVAC system. As a result, ensuring an experienced and expert AC contractor completes a routine inspection.


In addition to avoiding common AC installation mistakes, reliable companies and technicians help ensure your home remains cool all season long.

Patience Pays Off

First and foremost, trust your instincts. As Jason Fitzpatrick notes in How to Hire a Contractor without Getting Hosed, “If you get a bad feeling about any part of the process, get a new contractor.”

Plus, patience helps homeowners find respectful and quality technicians. For example, Finding an Air Conditioning Repair Company You Can Trust notes the following:

“Find out if they were affordable, timely, neat, and professional. Make sure that their technicians were cordial, neat, respectful and did quality work.”

Additionally, seeking a company with an honest reputation promotes a lasting relationship. After all, trust is the foundation of any worthwhile relationship and working with an AC contractor is no different.

As Karl Abbott explains how to evaluate a technician in Choosing a Heating and Air Company and What Qualities to Look For.

“A good contractor should be able to explain to you the problem on the spot without confusing you with too much information and using too much technical jargons, proving once and for all that he is knowledgeable of the job and that he is honest about it.”

The Right AC Contractor or Company Helps When It Matters

Bigger isn’t always better. In particular, HVAC companies that focus on commercial clients likely prioritize larger jobs over a home air conditioning problem. For example, How to Hire the Best HVAC Contractor or Repairman, notes the issues with prioritization.

“Larger HVAC companies tend to prioritize commercial clients over residential, sending the most experienced technicians to commercial jobs. That could mean your residential technician has other priorities and is likely new or inexperienced. Don’t hesitate to settle on a family owned company, you’ll often receive lower prices, better service, and more experienced technicians.”

Finally, as Mike Waggoner writes in How to Hire the Best HVAC Repair Technician, avoid rushing to judgement. In particular, if an emergency occurs, then a reliable AC contractor makes a huge difference!

“Even if you have an emergency, for example, your air conditioning has gone out and it’s 94 degrees outside, the time that you spend gathering details beforehand can save you money and a lot of headaches.”

Rely on Reviews & References

online reviews help find a great ac contractor

No AC contractor or company can hide from poor performance. In order to develop a relationship with your AC contractor, then look online.

  • Does the company shares reviews on their site?
  • Do clients repeatedly mention the same A/C contractor?
  • Are there positive and negative reviews?
  • How does the company respond to negative reviews?

No company or individual is perfect. Mistakes happen, but how does the company or contractor respond? Reliable AC contractors show accountability and honesty. How a company responds to online reviews alludes to how they interact in-person.

To help, some home experts offer some tips and advice when conducting online research.

Erin Doman shares 12 Tips for Hiring the Best Air Conditioning Technician and notes that great AC contractors are frequently cited on various review sites.

“These sites are handy because they provide information about the personal experiences of people who have hired the particular technician before, so you know that the information is accurate.”

Plus, remember that review sites contain positive and negative reviews. How To Hire An AC Repair And Maintenance Company discusses why this helps.

“Many disgruntled and satisfied customers share their personal experiences about specific contractors. The feedback section of the rating sites offer good insights in regards to the quality of service that the contractors provide.”

Finally, ask for references as well. For example, How to Hire an Air Conditioning Repair Professional notes the time-tested method of asking for references. If there is a particular helpful or insightful review, then ask to discuss with that customer as well.

“A professional heating and air conditioning company should have a list of recent customers that you can refer to in order to verify that the company in question performed the work in a timely manner and to the customer’s satisfaction.”

SolvIt Offers Great AC Contractors & Reliable Service

Homeownership offers plenty of headaches and joys. In particular, homeownership provides shelter and the background for numerous lasting memories. But, home maintenance issues and/or emergencies arise. From HVAC malfunctions to electrical glitches and plumbing issues, things go wrong. For example, when the A/C breaks, homeowners need a reliable A/C contractor quickly. If you have any air conditioning issues beyond your technical capabilities, then give us a call. We offer the same high quality service, anytime, any day.