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DIY Home Maintenance Clips & Tips

DIY Home Maintenance Clips & Tips

We all want to believe that we know it all. But, sometimes we need some help.

Especially when it comes to our homes.

Not all of us our home improvements experts. There are many minor things that homeowners may want to fix, but lack the time and exact knowledge to complete in a timely manner.

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To help, here are some common home ailments, along with some short home maintenance tips to spur your inner DIY attitude.

General Repair Tips

From caulking to clogged drains, this short video by the home experts at Coldwell Banker Broker explains why homeowners should understand the basics.

How To (Quickly & Easily!) Remove Wallpaper

Thanks to the Fix It Chick, who posts a variety of short videos to help homeowners improve the structure and aesthetics.

Painting Tips For Quick Clean Up

Recently Amazon introduced a series of home improvement shorts, which include tips and tricks to help homeowners with a variety of stuff.

Fix that Sink Aerator

Mr. Plumber provides simple plumbing tips and solutions through a series of videos to help homeowners maintain their homes.

Electrical Safety

Many homeowners would take on a few minor electrical projects, but have safety concerns. And rightly so. For a nice overview of common electrical safety concerns, 3D Electric provides some tips, as well as, other short electrical videos (including when to call a professional).

When working on any home related project, there is always some chance of harm.

Please keep in mind that the team at ElectroBoom are professionals and know the dangers of dealing with electricity.

For everyone else, we recommend to keep the general repair tips in mind when working around your home.

We think every homeowner should understand home basics. Part of that understanding is knowing the limits to what you can do yourself and what requires professional assistance.

If you have any questions or feel like more knowledge is needed, then we are always here to help.