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Fantastic Family Fun Festivities

Fantastic Family Fun Festivities

Summer is in it’s final weeks. Soon the kids will be going back to school, mornings will begin early once again, lunches will need to be packed, and homework will become the nightly grind. But not yet. Before you and your family start the days of looking forward to the weekend, you’ve still got a month of family fun ahead of you!

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If you’re looking for fresh ideas on how to keep those kids entertained, look no further! Below are some family fun ideas and activities to enjoy while the weather’s still warm and the days are still long.

Backyard or Beach Olympics

The 2016 Summer Olympics are here!

Why not spend a day having your own family olympics?

You could go all out and create snacks and decor and make it an olympic event, or you could take it easy, use some of these ideas, and have fun!

  • To have your own family olympics set up hula hoops for hurdles, use a frisbee for the discus toss, bocce balls for the shot put, and include events like the long jump and relay.
  • If you have a pool or are at the beach, you can include swimming, diving, and, because it’s a family fun event, cannonballs!
  • End your family olympics with olympic torch ice cream cone cupcakes or fill an ice cream cone with popcorn for a healthier treat, either way, the kids will love it!

Family Movie Night

family fun ideas include a movie night

Have a projector? Perfect!

Set it up and aim it at a blank side of your house. Sit in camping chairs or lay out blankets, and enjoy an outdoor movie night.

Everyone loves getting together, cuddling up on the couch or floor, and watching an old classic or something new in the dark. And there are so many different ways to enjoy a family movie night this summer! Here are just a couple theme ideas:

  • Watching Lady and the Tramp? Serve spaghetti!
  • How about A Bug’s Life? Make worms n’ dirt with pudding, crushed Oreos, and gummy worms!
  • Minions? Have the kids put together banana splits!

The possibilities are endless!

Treasure Hunt

Kids love pirates. From Jack Sparrow to Peter Pan and Captain Hook playing pirates is a great family fun activity to try this summer.

  • To join in the fun with your kids, put together a treasure chest, either on your own or with their help. Put anything you want inside; money and coins, costume jewelry, lollipop rings, candy, new toys, the list is endless! Fill it up and take it to the backyard while your kids turn themselves into pirates with eye patches, fake beards and earrings, toy swords and hooks.
  • Hide that treasure. Bury it. Tuck it under a rock. Put it in a tree. Just make sure it is out of sight.
  • Then, make a map. There are two versions that seem to work best for treasure maps. There’s the old standby of drawing pictures of markers to find and a dotted line to follow, or, for older kids, try writing out clues on cards. Each clue, once figured out, leads to another, and then another, until they reach the end and the treasure!

The best part is enjoying the booty together as a family!

Water Balloon Bombardment

water balloons always provide some summer family funEvery kid loves a water balloon fight.

Right from the start by filling up the balloons in the kitchen or at the hose in the backyard, kids of all ages start giggling to themselves in anticipation of the war to come.

Basically, make it clear that there are two sides in this game. Pick teams. Load up each player with water balloons and start tossing those babies over to the other side.

The rules are simple:

  • If you catch the balloon, you and the balloon are still in the game.
  • If it breaks on you or the ground near you, then the player is out.

Keep playing until only one player remains and can be crowned the winner!

Family Talent Show

Make this something special, something they’ll remember and want to do again. Turn this family activity into an event and make your kids feel like celebrities!

How you ask? Think Hollywood!

  • Set up a red carpet
  • Hang up Christmas lights for some ambience
  • Point lamps at a designated stage area
  • Play award show applause on your phone or TV as your kids make their way to the stage to do their thing.
  • Interview your kids as they walk the carpet,
  • Take pictures!

Your kids will feel like stars, and you’ll feel like the greatest parent in the world.

Backyard Camping

backyard camping offers family fun any time of yearIf you love the atmosphere of camping, but don’t want the stress of actually going camping, why not try a backyard campout?

How can you have an epic backyard campout? Here’s a list of things to include to make sure you and your kids have a fun and stress-free time!

  • Set up a tent. Fill it with blankets, pillows, an air mattress, stuffed toys; the works!
  • Build a fire. Have the kids help. It’s a great opportunity to teach your kids a valuable life lesson. (Check with your local fire department to make sure you are good to have one.)
  • Instead of the traditional s’more with its sticky mess and sharp sticks, try making Ice Cream Cone S’Mores! They’re just as yummy with half the mess!
  • Stay up late and star gaze. Cuddle up together on camping chairs, under blankets, and find the different constellations in the sky. There are even apps to help find all of them! Or, even more fun, make up your own constellations and give the stars new names!
  • Top it off with a campfire breakfast! Cook sausages over the fire, toast bread on sticks, and, if your kids are into them, heat up some beans!

Clean up is easy and everyone can walk home instead of sitting in the car for a long drive!

We hope these ideas and activities help keep your summer fun and your family happy!