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3 Sure Fire Ways To Find Electrical Contractors Right For You!

3 Sure Fire Ways To Find Electrical Contractors Right For You!

Electrical contractors remain in high demand because electricity is powerful. Although many home projects require professional technicians from time to time, electrical work requires extra attention.

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Improper electrical work presents potential fire damage and real danger to you and your family. As a result, homeowners must work with a reliable electrician for any and all electrical needs.

However, we all know that reliable contractors presents a few headaches. Therefore, many experienced electricians share advice on how to work with the right electrical contractor. To help, please find some major insights and advice on finding the right contractor for you and your family.

Understand Projects That Require Electrical Contractors

common electrical projects require electrical contractors

Most, if not all, electrical project require professional assistance for any homeowner without understanding the basics of electricity. For example, understanding electrical outlets and wiring remains essential to proper safety. Prior to starting any simple project, ask yourself a few questions.

  • Do you know how the circuit breaker works?
  • Did you turn off the circuit breaker?
  • Can you identify the ground wire?

In general, most simple projects involve installing or switching a light fixture. However, if you are unsure of any wiring, then it is best to call a pro.

“If installation of a light fixture will involve switching out or rerouting cables, this adds some complexity. In this case, unless you have special knowledge of or prior experience with wiring, hiring an electrician is best.”

Additionally, most electrical project require professionals because improper work creates significant safety risks. Not only does safety concerns arise during the project, but improper electrical installations causes potential issues down the road as well.

Safety considerations, in particular, for any homeowners unsure of their skills, means hiring a professional electrical contractor. Why hire an electrician?


“An electrician can bring an element of safety to any electrical project. The problem with a nonprofessional doing an electrical installation or repair is that working with electricity is tricky and potentially dangerous, and it’s important that the person knows exactly what he or she is doing in order to avoid personal injury. Furthermore, if an electrical job isn’t done correctly, it can lead to safety issues down the line, such as fire, shock, and other hazards.”

Conduct Proper Due Diligence About Any Potential Electrical Contractor

conduct proper due diligence on electrical contractors

Importantly, knowing who we allow into our homes provides us with peace of mind. As a result, homeowners must conduct the proper amount of due diligence while researching any contractor. Due diligence means more than simple recommendations and checking reviews. Although important, proper due diligence involves understanding who enters your home and their qualifications.

For example, at SolvIt, all of our technicians go through strenuous background checks, ongoing mandatory training and offer great customer service. The experts at Electrical Safety First detail why qualifications make a difference in all trades.

“We see a growing problem with contractors, builders or kitchen fitters making poor or cheap choices for electricians they employ. It’s easy to assume the tradesman in charge will check qualification and registration. But don’t leave it to chance – ask to see proof of everyone’s ability yourself.”

But, how does someone find safe-minded electrical contractors? Simple, check some national organizations, such as the National Electrical Contractors Association. Plus, look for experienced electrical contractors because longevity means more knowledge on the job. Therefore, if the operating history is not readily available on their web site, then simply ask!

“This is an important question that many homeowners don’t think about asking. The longer a company has been in business, the better. If they have been serving an area for a few years, they have experience with customers similar to you. Also consider asking if their company is a member of the Better Business Bureau. Members of the BBB are held to certain standards of doing business.”

Continuously Communicate with Electrical Contractors

communicate with electrical contractors

Communication is key. Not only with electrical contractors, but really in any relationship. Some homeowners are detail oriented. Conversely, others just want the job done. Finding the right electrical contractor means working with someone that meets your communication style.

In addition to regular updates during any prolonged work, understand what is and isn’t included prior to starting any electrical work. For example, what is and isn’t guaranteed?

“Hire someone who gives you guarantee of the work that they perform. Make sure you make them sign one document saying that the work that they are doing has warranty up to a certain time frame.”

Plus, ensure that if anything goes awry, the electrician commits to properly fixing any issues related to their work. Any quality electrician understands warranties and guarantees are part of the job. If any electrician pushes back on these standard requests, then view that as a warning sign.

“You need to be secure when you are giving this electrician the job. Hence, obtain an understanding that says the electrician provides their duties under the terms of the contract. It should also state that they shall be present to rectify any faults that might occur due to their services.”

Conduct an Electrical Inspection

electrical contractors are needed for common electrical projects

At SolvIt (and at many full service home service providers), we recommend routine home maintenance. And generally, many homeowners understand the importance of an annual heating and cooling inspection or tune-up. However, we forget about electrical inspections.

Industry experts note the importance of an electrical inspection.

“Another benefit that comes along with hiring an electrician is that they will be able to find out about smaller issues before it becomes a major problem. By letting an electrician inspect the system, a homeowner will be able to have the issues found addressed in a hurry and reduce the damage that is done. Be sure to research each of the electricians in an area to figure out which one is the best fit for the job that you need. The time that is invested in this will be more than worth it in the end.”

Working with an electrician during an inspection provides some actual experience interacting with a potential long-term contractor. Plus, you’ll receive a comprehensive electrical inspection!

For any electrical work or inspections, please find the right professional that meets your needs.

We think it’s SolvIt because we employ Connecticut’s best electricians and provide professional electrical installations and repairs along with our excellent customer service. SolvIt is here to fulfill your emergency electric needs 24/7. For any questions or electrical needs, contact us today!