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Have Some Fun with these Home Improvement Shows

Have Some Fun with these Home Improvement Shows

Laughter is the best medicine.

At times, we lose sight of that fact. Fortunately, there is TV to help remind us about the lighter side of things.

For most of us, we don’t mix home improvement and fun. Sure, there are a few laughs among friends when working together on a weekend project. But, most people think about home renovations like The Money Pit.

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At SolvIt, we spend our days working in homes with homeowners to make their lives a little easier. We enjoy our work and try to have a little fun in the office – wherever that may be.

For everyone else, TV helps. And here are some of the best home improvement shows on television.

1. This Old House

Perhaps the granddaddy of them all is This Old House. The show is a staple of weekend TV programming and the also include great clips for the DIY homeowner, including how to avoid ice dams.

2. Ask This Old House

Ask This Old House is a spin off of the original show and focuses on small projects. For new or inexperienced homeowners, then these clips can really save some time and money.

Remember that working with electricity is dangerous, so if you ever feel uncomfortable, then always consult a professional.

3. Sweat Equity

Many home improvement shows focus on vanity projects. The Sweat Equity team focuses on home projects that add the most value to your home. Homeowners know that some improvement increase their home value, so these tutorials are good viewing to grow the investment in your home.

4. Renovation Realities

In Renovation Realities, we get to peek into real-life renovation projects in this unscripted show. We all know that home improvements are not a cakewalk, so this show provides a reminder that setbacks are part of life. Relax and enjoy!

5. Trading Spaces

Although this classic show no longer airs, Trading Spaces depicted the story of neighbors that switch homes and have two days (and $2,000) to transform one room in the house. We don’t recommend this strategy for any work, but enjoy the outtakes and reactions because homeowners have no say in the outcome.

6. Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal showcases ways to improve that first impression of your home. The show focuses on landscape design to improve the attractiveness on your home for prospective buyers. Although the show aims at homeowners looking to sell, everyone wants to make a good impression.

7. Rehab Addict

If we look deep and engage in our in DIY spirit, then we might be able to start in Rehab Addict, which details home restoration projects. We all have a few “to-do” items involving an upgrade here or there and this show helps tell that story (but for entire properties) along with the bumps and bruises that come with it!

8. While You Were Out

Perhaps While You Were Out is a form of punishment, but this was a guilty pleasure for many when the show aired from 2002 to 2006. The show brought designers, carpenters and landscapers together to update an unsuspecting homeowner’s property while they are out. Hilarity ensues.

9. Design on a Dime

In Design on a Dime, we learn how to transform spaces without significant time or money. Unlike The Money Pit, this show aims to provide homeowners with tips to create that premier taste on a budget.

10. Home Improvement

Not the typical home improvement show, but perhaps the most fun is Home Improvement. The ‘90s sitcom brought many laughs to families across the country and shined some light on the trials and tribulations of keeping your home in good working condition.

We spend our days working with families to help relieve a little pain. Sometimes, a few smiles and laughs can brighten your day. For any home service needs, then remember that SolvIt is here to help with a smile.