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Home Safety Tips Ideal for Spring & Summer

Home Safety Tips Ideal for Spring & Summer

Is there a better feeling than the sun on our face and a little breeze at our back? Yes, during the spring and summer, we can kick back, relax on our decks and enjoy the comforts of home!

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Although spring and summer provide a nice mood booster, as homeowners, we still need to be mindful of our safety. In particular, as we tend entertain friends and family there are some different home safety tips.

Home Safety Tips to Protect Our Guests

home safety tips for entertaining

Generally, we like to sit back and grill for our guests. During the grill season, then it is important to follow the basic grill safety tips. In general, follow safety tips like grilling away from your home and not leaving the grill area (especially with young kids around).

However, guests might not be that familiar with the inside of our homes. During the spring, then nice afternoons turn into chilly evenings. As a result, the festivities may move inside. Also, if alcoholic beverages are served, then long hours require additional home safety measures, such as:

  • Ensure TVs are securely mounted to the walls.
  • Install window guards (particularly on second story windows) to protect against accidental falls.

Plus, it is always a good idea to have a first aid kit at home because accidents happen. The kit should include supplies to treat scrapes, burns, bites, and other minor and major mishaps. Either purchase a pre-packaged first aid kit or go to the store and stock one yourself.

Additionally, we all know that the summer sun can really heat up a house! So part of ensuring your family is safe and sound is simply checking the AC system! This is particularly important to keep your guests comfortable if the sun becomes too much for anyone.

a working A/C is one of the home safety tips for the summer

Finally, be sure to cover the electrical outlets and wires throughout your home. Although this is standard if you have young children, as the weather warms, this helps prevent water from mixing with the electrical system.

  • Throw away the electrical gadgets or repair the electric cords which are damaged.
  • Insulate the wires or fix them using casing to cover it.
  • Teach kids about the dangers of electric shock and tell them they must not touch any of these with wet hands.

For any electrical questions or routine inspection in advance of any large parties, then contact a reliable and trustworthy electrician to conduct a home review.

Home Safety Tips for Vacation Time

For homeowners, the annual summer vacation does place a little extra burden on the family. Why? Because criminals know it is vacation time as well. To help provide peace of mind, then some home security experts provide some tips.

  • Burglar-proof your home by locking away all ladders, garden tools, trash cans, patio furniture or other outdoor items.
  • Set a pipe or metal in the bottom track of any slide doors to lock the door in place.
  • Trim vegetation near windows to prevent hiding places for would-be burglars.
  • Keep drapes and blinds shut.
  • Turn down the telephone ringtone to avoid tipping off that nobody is home.

If you have a trusted neighbor or friend, ask them to collect newspaper, mail or flyers that are left near your front door.

Home Safety Tips to Protect Us from the Sun

home safety tips during the summer include sunglasses and eye protection

Whether you and your family has an annual pilgrimage or prefer to enjoy the comforts of home through a staycation, the sun is always present.

The National Safety Council provides some basic summer safety tips to outsmart the sun and beat the heat and avoid sun and heat-related sickness.

  • Wear appropriate clothing, including a wide-brimmed hat
  • Take frequent water breaks
  • Apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15
  • Never leave kids or pets unattended in a vehicle

The sun is part of summer safety. It is important to consider the temperature at all times during the summer. There are also some other summer safety tips to help around the house, while taking advantage of summer activities or when it is time for vacation.

At SolvIt, we can’t help protect your family from the sun or bad intentions from others, but we can help protect your home from the normal wear and tear that happens during the summer. Don’t let an A/C, electrical or plumbing issue keep you from enjoying your friends and family this summer. Contact us today to improve your home comfort today!