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Home Sweet Home! The Benefits of Home Ownership

Home Sweet Home! The Benefits of Home Ownership

Home sweet home!

When you think about your dream home do you imagine a big house with a big yard? A small, cozy place in the woods? An airy loft in the bustling city? Whatever you might want to call home one day, it’s probably safe to assume you imagine it accommodating a family.

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That family could be your own children or your nieces and nephews or your friends. Family are those people in our lives that mean the most to us, and when it comes to your home, you want a place where your family can come and be together.

While most of us dream of owning our own home one day, for some, the mortgage and home care may not seem worth it when pitted against renting an apartment or someone else’s home where the responsibilities lie with others, but owning a home is about much more than a mortgage and yard work. Below are just some of the benefits of owning your own home.

Home Sweet Home Means Pride in Ownership

home sweet home means pride of ownership

Your home is your fortress of solitude, the place you go at the end of the day where you can unwind, escape the pressures of work and be yourself. You can change into those unflattering sweatpants and that stained, but oh-so-comfy tee shirt, and no one will say anything because this is your place.

That yard work you dread doing when you think about owning a home will take on a new meaning once you’re there. There is a sense of pride that comes with grooming and caring for your home. Although you may not look forward to it, you’ll be pleased with the results every time.

Having a place that you own gives you a sense of pride that renting just can’t create. Those small touches of you that display your personality like the fireplace you built, the yard that you rake, and the treehouse your children and your children’s children use, these are the things that make your house a home more.

Home Sweet Home Means Creating Memories for Future Generations

home sweet home helps create lasting memories

Speaking of your children and theirs, you can’t leave a rented property to anyone. That thirty year mortgage will one day be paid off, those thirty years going by fast and filling up with memories. When the time comes for someone else to take over the care of your home, owning it means you can leave it for your children.

You wanted to travel after you retire, but don’t want to sell your house? Invest in an in-law or a tiny house, and let those who you plan to leave it to move in and start making more memories while you head off on an adventure!

Home Sweet Home Means Making It Your Own

home sweet home means making it your own

There are rules when renting; a lot of rules. No painting the walls. No changing the flooring. Leave the cabinets alone. No flashy decor outside. And so on…if you’re looking to put touches of your personality into your living space, there is no better place to do that than in the home you own.

The house has carpet, but you want wood flooring? You like the classic feel of wallpaper as opposed to paint? You want a blue door with red shutters? Go ahead and make those changes. It’s your house! Need some ideas? Just check out these fifty ways to make your house a home!

Home Sweet Home Means Your Own Traditions and Holidays

home sweet home helps create family traditions and memories

Fourth of July BBQs, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas…when we think about home, our thoughts often run right for the holiday parties and the traditions our families build over the years. You can have these in a rented home as well, but filling a home that belongs to you with memories can mean a lot more.

People associate places with memories. The smells, the furniture, the atmosphere; all of that helps in storing and keeping our memories. Traditions are what we do to make memories. Put the two together in your home and you’ve got yourself a time capsule of moments to look back on every time your family and friends come together under your roof.

Need some ideas for holiday traditions? The holidays are right around the corner.

Home Sweet Home Means Financial Stability

home sweet home provides financial stability

To some homeownership means a mortgage, and a thirty year mortgage seems like a long time, but if you really think about it, you are saving a lot more in the long term than if you rented for thirty years.

Think of owning your own home as an investment if that helps. The equity on your home increases with each mortgage payment, so if you decide to one day sell your home it will be worth much more than you bought it for. Any improvements you’ve made over the years increases the value of your as well!

Home ownership has many benefits, but also involves routine maintenance and the occasional repair. From plumbing and electrical issues to heating and cooling maintenance and repairs, SolvIt has the expertise to fix any problem.

Do you have any questions about home maintenance or want to ensure your home remains your own palace? Give us a call today to help enjoy your home sweet home!