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How to Host Holly Jolly Holiday Parties

How to Host Holly Jolly Holiday Parties

The holidays are in full swing and the main event is is just around the corner. Have you decked the halls? Hidden the Elf so many times you forget where he’s been? Are you waiting for that long winter’s nap to finally arrive? How about the unforgettable party?

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If you’re the home that will be playing host to this year’s holiday shindig, you might be wondering how you’re going to wow the little ones and impress the adults come that night. Between shopping, wrapping, last-minute school cupcakes, and office parties, you might not have had time to plan out the ultimate get together for your family.

No worries.

We’ve gathered plenty of scenarios to help with holiday parties this year. All you have to do is choose which type of party is best for you and your family!

Holiday Parties with Kids

holiday parties for kids

Adults are easy to please. Make sure there is wine, and you’ve got a party. It’s the kids you have to impress when it comes to a family party. Remember that they are going to want to touch everything, so put away those breakables.

In order to ensure you get the thumbs up from the little ones, make sure they are sucked in the moment they walk through the door. How can you do this? Best bet is a theme.

  • Do you have lovers of Frozen? Try a Frozen themed party with Frozen decorations, games, and snacks!
  • Do your little ones love The Grinch? Throw a Grinch themed party with these ideas (minus the alcohol for the kids.)
  • Do you have really destructive kids in your family? Have them all build snowmen and then unleash the most epic of snowball fights as they try to destroy each other’s creations!

Whatever you decide to do for this type of party, if there are children in attendance, make sure they are entertained, or else you and your family will be wishing for more wine!

Family Sleepover Party

Is your family like the McCallisters? Do you spend Christmas Eve at someone’s house and do the whole Christmas thing with the entire family under one roof?

When you have your entire family over for the night, (including little ones) themes are a little harder to carry out. Instead keep it easy and call it what it is, a Christmas pajama party! Everyone, including adults, is required to wear pjs. Turn your living room into a massive bed for the little ones with blankets, pillows, cushions, and stuffed toys.

The most important parts of a holiday sleepover? The movie and snacks.

Here is where you can theme if that’s your thing. Watching Frozen? Pair it with popcorn snowballs. Do your little ones prefer The Polar Express? Then bring on the hot chocolate station. Are your kids big fans of Elf? Let them test their taste buds and have spaghetti with syrup!

Don’t forget breakfast! After the gifts have been unwrapped, you’ll need to feed everyone. Pancakes or French toast are always great for large get togethers!

Classy Adult Party

how to host classy holiday parties

Is your party geared more toward adults? Are your adult friends a little more reserved? If you’re looking for a more formal party, be sure to include what type of dress everyone should wear when you send out the invitations. Skip the beer and go for cocktails. Opt for cheese boards over cheese pizza.

And keep it classy with

Ugly Sweater Party


If your friends are a little less classy and a little more crass-y, throw an ugly sweater party! This party idea has become something of a classic in the last few years, and for good reason. You can tack on “ugly sweater” to nearly any kind of party, and your guests are sure to enjoy it.

  • Family party? Get the giggles going and add ugly sweaters.
  • Classy dinner? Shake it up with ugly sweaters.
  • Bar crawl with friends? Have the bartenders vote on their favorite ugly sweaters. The person with the most votes at the end of the night wins!

You can always go out and buy an ugly sweater, but if you’re going for the win, your best bet is to make an ugly sweater yourself. People can always tell which are homemade and which are store bought. And the uglier or more ridiculous it is, the better chance you have of winning and being remembered as having the best ugly sweater ever!

A Classic Christmas

If you feel that Christmas is enough of a theme, and you prefer holiday parties the way your grandma threw them with pretty decorations, yummy food, and the adults and kids separated, then keep it classic. You’ll still need to keep the kids busy, though. We suggest quiet games like Christmas Bingo or a guessing game, and coloring in a smaller room. Skip the sugary treats and keep them full with small cheese and cracker plates and fruit or veggie Christmas Trees!

Nothing says Classic Christmas quite like the Classics. Dedicate a small room with a TV to the old Christmas specials we all love like Rudolph, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and Frosty the Snowman.

Keep your decorations classic with these ideas. And there is nothing more Classic Christmas than Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, so here is your Christmas party dinner inspired by Dickens!

We hope you find these ideas helpful and we wish everyone a healthy and happy holiday!

And remember that SolvIt is here 24/7 in case any home issues arise during your celebration!