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The EPA sets national standards for drinking water to protect against health effects that your municipality must adhere to. The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), enacted by Congress in 1974, is the main federal law ensuring the quality and safety of America’s drinking water. It requires every municipality to provide safe drinking water to its residents. Although the water your town or municipality provides is safe, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved.

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Many Connecticut residents with city water complain about chlorine, bad taste or odor that negatively affects the overall quality. Additionally, it’s not uncommon to find a high mineral content or hardness level in the water supplied that creates issues with limescale build-up. In older homes, there may be contamination issues related to older piping systems. The service line connecting the water main to your house could be made from lead, or the solder in your plumbing system could have lead in it increasing any level reported by the municipality. A high-quality system from SolvIt Water can provide you with cleaner, fresher and safer water for your whole-house or at your kitchen sink.


It’s only natural to be concerned about the quality of your water. Water may look, taste and smell good, but many contaminants cannot be detected by our senses. A comprehensive water analysis from SolvIt Water can give you peace of mind, or the facts you need to make the appropriate water treatment decisions. A SolvIt Water Quality Specialist can evaluate the chemistry and characteristics of your water and provide you with the following details:

  • Mineral Content
  • Hardness Level
  • pH Level
  • Chlorine Content
  • Sediment
  • Nitrate Level
  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

Our experienced Water Quality Specialists will give you immediate results and provide recommendations to correct any water quality issue we may find. Also, as an added benefit at no cost to you, we are happy to evaluate the performance of any existing equipment you may have.


Whole-house systems, as the name implies, treat the water throughout your entire home. The improve the overall quality of your water at every faucet. SolvIt Water offers a comprehensive range of technologically advanced solutions to handle the toughest water problems.


Point-of-use (POU) systems are designed to treat drinking water at the location where it is used the most, which is typically in the kitchen. SolvIt Water’s point-of-use systems use state-of-the-art reverse osmosis technology to deliver a continuous supply of bottled-water quality water. A reverse osmosis (RO) system is not only environmentally friendly, it’s much more convenient than bottled water. Reverse osmosis (RO) drinking water systems provide high-quality water for worry-free drinking or cooking right in your kitchen.


SolvIt Water is a full-service water treatment company offering maintenance and repair for all your water treatment equipment. Most water treatment equipment, including reverse osmosis systems (RO), require regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure they are functioning at peak performance. Don’t have a system installed by SolvIt Water…not a problem. We service and repair equipment from all of the major manufacturers, such as EcoWater, Culligan, Kinnetico, Kenmore, Whirpool, GE, Aqua Pure, Evolve and Hellenbrand just to name a few. For your convenience SolvIt Water offers a separate Water Treatment Protection Plan for owners interested in maintaining only their water systems and provides annual check-ups as an added benefit of Solvit’s Home Protection Plans.