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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle To Create A Green Home

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle To Create A Green Home

Earth Day provides an opportunity for us to think about how our actions impact the environment. Typically, communities celebrate the movement through acts of conservation and group activities like cleaning parks. Like so many things, actions start at home. This means there are many small steps we can do to create a green home.

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1. Reduce Energy Consumption with LED Light Bulbs

LED bulbs reduce your home energy consumption. Every little bit helps and if more homes leverage the benefits of LED light bulbs and lighting, then there is the potential to have a large impact on energy savings around the country.

Not only can using energy-efficient LED bulbs at home lead to monthly energy savings, but there are also a variety of local rebates and other ways to finance LED lighting projects.

2. Recycle Clean Air by Planting a Tree

help create a green home through planting trees

Planting trees is a local favorite of community groups as a way to celebrate Earth Day.


Trees help combat climate change and absorb excess CO2 in the air, which is harmful to our health. Additionally, trees help provide clean air through absorbing odors and pollutant gases.

3. Reduce Wasted Energy with a Home Energy Checkup

Home energy checkups provide homeowners with a comprehensive assessment of how energy is used throughout the home. Many people believe the benefits relate solely to lower monthly utility costs, but the reduction in energy usage also helps create a green home that helps the environment.

At SolvIt, we are a certified home energy expert and our inspections are performed in conjunction with EnergizeCT as part of the Home Energy Solution Program.

We are certified contractors with Eversource and UI and provide them with the necessary documentation to help process all available rebates that you are entitled to receive.

4. Reduce Toxins with Eco-Friendly Cleaners

Many of the standard home cleaning products and solutions may cause health problems and pollute the environment. Non-toxic (or eco-friendly) cleaning products will not have this negative impact.

There are plenty of non-toxic or biodegradable products available at the local store or some people may want to make their own solutions. Baking soda works as an affordable and effective all-purpose solution for cleaning, scouring and polishing items around the house.

5. Reduce Use of Bug Spray

Like many things, prevention is the best method and pest control is no different. A real estate expert explains how to prevent pests from getting out of control:

“Keeping your kitchen crumb-free and sealing any holes in the walls or cracks in the foundation means you won’t have to use harmful chemicals in your home.”

However, sometimes things happen, so if pest control is needed, there are plenty of effective natural buy spray remedies.

6. Reuse Shopping Bags

help create a green home and community by using canvas shopping bagsMany people want to use a tote bag more often, but typically run into a simple problem…they never remember to bring it with them.

As a solution, many advocates suggest buying a few reusable shopping bags that can fold into small packets and fit in day-to-day bag. For any city dwellers, this is a nice compromise for those impromptu trips to the store on the way home from work and the shopping bag can fit into your work bag.

Alternatively, if you typically drive around town, then throw a few bags into the trunk and you’ll be prepared for the next trip to the store.

7. Fix Leaky Faucets and Toilets to Reduce Wasted Water

Leaking toilets and faucets waste a lot of water. In fact, according to the EPA:

“10% of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons or more per day, and the average household’s leaks can account for more than 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year.”

To help create a green home, stay on top of any leaks and stop them when they start. A key indication of water leaks is a jump or spike in the monthly water bill, which means reducing leaks will save some water and money.

If you notice a leak and do not know how to fix it yourself, then call a trusted plumber to assess and address the issue. Untreated leaks can create huge problems down the line as water damage will cause issues with mold, mildew or the need to replace walls and cabinets depending on where the leak occurs.

help create a green home by reducing wasted water

We all want to live in a nice community. We want our neighbors care about the look and feel of the environment. Throughout April and local Earth Day events, find a community event. We can all appreciate the effort to clean parks and other eyesores. As a result, we can improve our community.

At SolvIt, we preach the benefits of preventative maintenance to keep our homes in good shape. From understanding air flow to water quality, the way we treat our homes, impacts our health and our surroundings. If there are any questions on how to improve your home systems to help the environment, give us a call today!