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Simple Summer Safety Tips

Simple Summer Safety Tips

The summer is a great time of year.


From vacations to trips to visit with family or cookouts with nearby friends, there is always something new and interesting going on during summer. The warm weather means more outdoor activities like hiking and biking or swimming and boating.

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We all want to stay healthy during the summer, which means safety is also important. The summer sun strikes all the time, so sun safety is one of the biggest dangers.

The National Safety Council provides some basic summer safety tips to outsmart the sun and beat the heat and avoid sun and heat-related sickness.

  • Wear appropriate clothing, including a wide-brimmed hat
  • Take frequent water breaks
  • Apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15
  • Never leave kids or pets unattended in a vehicle

The sun is part of summer safety. It is important to consider the temperature at all times during the summer. There are also some other summer safety tips to help around the house, while taking advantage of summer activities or simply when it is time for vacation.

Summer Safety In the Yard

One of the best things about summer is spending time outside. Many of us choose homes with a nice yard, so our kids can run and play.

learn about summer safety tips for the yard.

However, many home injuries occur around playground equipment, so ensure that the play area is safe and there is sufficient amounts of shock-absorbing materials (depending on the age of the kids playing).

Also, many homeowners have a pool, which means water safety is incredibly important. From parents and home safety experts:

“If you have a built-in or above-ground pool or hot tub, make certain that the child can’t get to it. Install safety fences between the home and the water feature. Install locks on doors and windows high enough so that a child can’t disable them. If you have a wading pool, drain it promptly after each use. Don’t leave utility buckets outdoors as water accumulates in these. All it takes is 1 inch of water for a child to drown. Make certain that everyone has been trained in CPR and that there is a cordless phone always available.”

Another great summertime activity that should be used with caution is the grill. Many of us have been waiting patiently throughout the chill spring months this year to throw some steaks on the grill. But careless grilling can cause injuries, house fires, and even explosions. Remember these grill safety tips before firing up for that first steak of the summer:

  • Check your gas grill for hose leaks, blockages, and holes.
  • Never step away from the grill while it’s on.
  • Grill away from your house, deck, and any flammable objects, particularly if it’s a windy day.
  • If you’ve got a charcoal grill, don’t store it indoors after grilling if it still holds freshly used coals. Charcoal emits poisonous carbon monoxide until it has been completely extinguished.
    Extinguish charcoal properly by breaking up the embers with a sturdy stick or long grilling tool, then cover the grill with a lid to deprive the flames of oxygen for half an hour. If this doesn’t do the trick, slowly spray the embers with water.

Safety Tips For Summer Activities

Summer is a great time to play outside. As many of us can attest, we’ve had some great memories playing wiffle ball or other games in the backyards of friends and family members homes in our youth.

learn about summer safety tips for routine activities.

Like with many of our favorite activities, we should approach some of the standard summer stuff with caution.

  • Wear a helmet

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 85% of bicyclists killed in 2003 reportedly were not wearing helmets. So young or old, wear a helmet when you or your family bikes this summer!

  • Roll with caution

In addition to helmets when inline skating, skateboarding and scooting, kids should always wear elbow, wrist and knee pads to prevent injuries associated with falls. Make sure the safety equipment fits properly and is worn correctly. Teach your child to stay away from cars and other vehicles, and use the sidewalk and paved off-road paths. Never allow your child to wear headphones while riding; the music will block traffic sounds.

  • Swim with Supervision

The pool is another classic summer activity, but also can be dangerous. Children should always swim with supervision and even adults should let others in the house know they are going for a swim because an accident can happen anywhere.

Summer Safety Tips Around the House

The summer sun can really heat up a house, so part of ensuring your family is safe and sound is simply checking the AC system!

learn about summer safety tips around the home.

In the winter, then we typically look for ways to reduce our energy bills by lowering our heat. In the summer, we want to reduce our utility costs by lowering our AC usage. As the home experts at Houzz describe:

“Take the time before hot weather sets in to dust ceiling fans, install window air-conditioning units, and schedule maintenance for a whole-house cooling system.”

Plus, set up a spot to dry beach towels and bathing suits.

Soggy, sandy beach towels getting dragged through the house is a mess waiting to happen. Choose a dedicated spot, either just outside the door (a covered porch works well) or in the mudroom and hang a row of sturdy hooks for wet towels and bathing suits. Once dry, sand can be easily shaken off outdoors, so it doesn’t end up in your washing machine!

Additionally, we tend to come and go during the summer. There are varying opinions on leaving blinds and curtains open or close, especially if you are gone for an extended period of time. Travel experts do agree that expensive items, such as jewelry and computers are left out of sight.

Vacation Safety Tips

We all love summer vacation. In fact, it is one of the all time classic family movies.

From home security experts, roughly half the families in the US go away from home during the summer. If you’re one of them, here are some summer vacation safety tips to help keep your home safe while you travel:

  • Stop delivery of your mail and newspapers—or have a friend or neighbor pick them up for you.
  • Keep bushes and shrubs well-trimmed. Use timers on lights, televisions and radios to provide sound and lights the inside of your home.
  • Keep the outside of your home well lit. Would-be thieves prefer not to be seen.
  • Have your lawn maintained if you will be gone for more than a few days.
  • Leave the air conditioner on. A silent compressor on a hot day is a good indication you aren’t home.
  • Unplug everything but the refrigerator, freezer, and the lights and radios you have set on timers.

Finally, nix the spare key because intruders will find it.

“If your home is being targeted, the first thing a criminal will look for is a spare key. He will look in the standard places: a conspicuous plastic rock, under the mat, or above the door. Putting a spare key in an easy-to-spot location is like handing your keys over to an intruder. If you’re going on vacation, think about removing the spare key all together until you are home, or leave a key with a neighbor.”

Summer is a great time of year. With some simple precaution and common sense, we can all enjoy the fruits of our labor and relax this summer. If you have any questions or issues with your AC or cooling needs, then don’t stress. SolvIt is here to help and offers 24/7 service to keep your family cool all summer long!