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Summer Weekend Projects Around the Home

Summer Weekend Projects Around the Home

Summer weekends are time for some rest and relaxation. After all, we spend most of our time working to enjoy the comforts that our homes provide, so naturally, we want to relax during the weekend. During the summer, when the sun is shining bright, then we often take advantage of our free days to take on a few weekend projects to help maintain and improve our homes.

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For homeowners, there are a few home improvement projects that add value to your home, such as new doors and energy assessments. There are always a few things to do around the house to help make it more comfortable, valuable or keep the decor fresh. The home experts at HomeAdvisor share the average cost of some of the most popular home improvement projects.


If you are looking to take on a couple weekend projects to help improve the comfort or value of your home, then here are a few ideas.


Does every weekend project involve yardwork? No, not necessarily. But the summer does lend itself to outdoor projects due to the summer sunshine. Naturally, many people like to sit outside and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Angie’s List provided an overview of the top 10 summer home improvement projects, many of which can be completed in a weekend.

power washing the deck, fence or house makes a great weekend project
1. Power Wash Your Home

As we spend more time outside in the summer, make sure your home and walkways are clean and clear by power washing your home, sidewalks and decks.

2. Protect Your Fences and Decks

Many homeowners go to great strides to provide some outdoor seating on decks and patios. We enjoy sitting in the sun and relaxing with friends and family. Take one day to protect your deck and fences by painting or staining the wood from the elements. It’ll be a weekend project that pays you back in spades.

Home Maintenance

At SolvIt, we are big fans of preventative maintenance, which occasionally require a few weekend projects. In fact, we proudly offer a home protection plan that features annual tune-ups and maintenance that keeps all of your home comfort systems, both electrical and mechanical, working at peak efficiency. We make sure your systems run better, last longer and require fewer checking all drains and gutters make great weekend projectsrepairs; saving you money!

3. Drain the Water Heater

To help increase the flow of hot water in your home, then drain the water heater to clear any sediment and make the appliance more efficient. If you are comfortable around the water heater, then this is a weekend project that can be done by yourself. If not, call a professional and be sure to ask questions to help do it yourself next time.

4. Check Exterior Drains

Ensure that nothing blocks water from clearing your home by checking exterior drains. Following a rainstorm, check the drains to confirm that nothing is causing water to stand in puddles for more than 24 hours, and that water from any source is not draining toward your foundation. Plus, this weekend project only takes a couple of minutes!

Weekend Window Projects

The weekends are also a time to explore our own creativity. For many of us, the work weeks are spent on work and we are searching for some weekend projects to express our creativity. One overlooked outlet for creativity is our windows!

5. Replace Windows

For homeowners with older homes and windows, then the summer is a great time to replace old windows. Older windows are less efficient and can leave a draft (in the summer and winter). Take one weekend to replace your windows, which will also help cut your home energy costs!

6. Reuse Old Windows

The second half of this great weekend project is to repurpose your old windows. From collage frames to bathroom storage units, there are hundreds of ways to continue to use them.


From work in the yard, to relaxing on the deck or crafting with the kids, there are plenty of ways to spend our weekends.