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Top 10 Gardeners in the Waterbury, CT Area

Top 10 Gardeners in the Waterbury, CT Area

Waterbury, Connecticut residents know that you can rely on SolvIt Home Services for dependable, professional home services. You also know we deliver superior customer service. These are just two of the reasons we have earned an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. From plumbing, to electrical, to heating, to air conditioning, SolvIt is available to maintain, repair, replace, and install your most important home systems.

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Because our focus is on helping your home’s systems run at peak efficiency, we do not provide any gardening services. That’s why we have selected the top 10 gardeners in the Waterbury area. We know that you can count on our top 10 gardeners to deliver professional service for your garden and landscape, so you can spend more time enjoying your yard and less time weeding, planting, and pruning. Our top gardeners have earned top ratings from clients on Yelp, Houzz, Google, Facebook, and/or the Better Business Bureau. And, each of our top gardeners in the Waterbury area has an average rating of 4.5/5 or higher; you will get quality, dependable gardening services for your property no matter which gardener you choose. Please note, we have listed our top 10 gardeners in the Waterbury area here, in no particular order.

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Average rating: 4.9/5


A full-service garden and landscape design contractor serving the Waterbury area, TJB-INC offers display gardens and ponds that are free and open to the public year round. The displays help homeowners picture the water gardens and creative landscaping that is available from TJB-INC for your own home.

2. Maher & Greenwald, Inc.
Average rating: 4.5/5

Maher Greenwald Inc

Maher & Greenwald is a landscape design and garden architecture company that designs private residences, public gardens, and commercial properties. When it comes to gardens, Maher & Greenwald specializes in overall site planning and garden design, including the installation and development of landscape and hardscape such as pools, ponds, perennial gardens, vegetable gardens, bog gardens, and more.

3. PetrowGardens Landscape Design
Average rating: 5/5

PetrowGardens Landscape Design

PetrowGardens designs and creates gardens that are inviting and stimulating. This top gardener in the Waterbury area focuses on native and non-native plants to provide seasonal interest for you, your family, and the wildlife in the region.

4. Redtwig Garden Design LLC
Average rating: 5/5

Redtwig Garden Design LLC

Redtwig Garden Design LLC helps residents of the Waterbury area create inviting personal gardens that provide interest and enhance the beauty of your home while increasing your property value. Redtwig Garden Design is owned and operated by certified landscape designer Dede Delaney, who specializes in designing, installing, and maintaining native and sustainable gardens.

5. Austin Ganim Landscape Design, LLC
Average rating: 4.6/5

Austin Ganim Landscape Design LLC

Austin Ganim Landscape Design offers a full range of landscape and garden design, installation, and maintenance services to residential and commercial properties of all shapes and sizes. Austin Ganim Landscape Design is associated with Ganim’s Garden Center & Florist, which gives their clients the benefit of previewing a wide selection of plant material.

6. Conte & Conte, LLC
Average rating: 4.75/5

Conte Conte LLC

Conte & Conte LLC applies art and science to landscape design and gardens. Their goal is to exceed clients’ functional and aesthetic requirements. Conte & Conte LLC provides Waterbury residents with master planning; design development; garden furniture and sculpture acquisition, selection, and placement; plant selection; planting plans; and much more, to create a beautiful, functional garden.

7. Spring Lake Garden Design
Average rating: 5/5

Spring Lake Garden Design

Spring Lake Garden Design offers consultation, design, and installation for Waterbury residents. They work to help clients choose the best location for gardens and advise homeowners on clearing, pruning, feeding, transplanting, and more for your garden.

8. Designing Eden LLC
Average rating: 5/5

Designing Eden LLC

Designing Eden LLC’s landscape designers are passionate about landscape design. They also offer custom garden detailing to help homeowners in the Waterbury area and surrounding communities learn how to maintain your own garden.

9. Christine Darnell Gardens
Average rating: 4.85/5

Christine Darnell Gardens

Christine Darnell Gardens is a boutique landscape design and management company that combines the artistic training and plant expertise of owner and principal designer Christine Darnell. Darnell became a Master Gardener in 2003 and currently provides site planning and master plans, garden design, and professional installation for Waterbury residents.

10. Classic Garden Design
Average rating: 5/5

Classic Garden Design LLC

Classic Garden Design offers classically-inspired landscape design, installation, and maintenance to residential clients in and around the Waterbury area. Their garden designs include perennial gardens, foundation plantings, English gardens, ponds and waterfalls, and much more.

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