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Top 10 Restaurants in Danbury, CT

Top 10 Restaurants in Danbury, CT

Whether you’re visiting the beautiful Danbury, CT area or you’ve lived in the area your whole life, eating a delicious meal while spending quality time with friends and family never gets old. Fortunately, Danbury has no shortage of exceptional dining establishments no matter your taste. We analyzed reviews from Yelp and Trip Advisor to identify the top ten restaurants in Danbury based on feedback from visitors and locals. Listed below in no particular order are our top ten restaurants in Danbury based on an average of those scores. Made the list? Grab the embed code here to display your award badge on your website.

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1. Stanziato’s Wood Fired Pizza Average Rating: 4.5

Stanziato's Who doesn’t love a good pizza? At Stanziato’s, you get to experience genuine wood-fired pizza, which is sure to spoil you for the remainder of your life, as no other pizza will ever be the same. Made with organic, in-season ingredients sourced from local farms and artisans whenever possible, Stanziato’s pizza is as good for the community as it is for your taste buds.

2.  Mima’s Meatballs & More
@MimasDanbury Average Rating: 4.5

Mima's Meatballs Fresh homemade dishes, fast, casual dining, friendly staff, and a cozy atmosphere await you at Mima’s Meatballs & More. Meatballs, the premier offering at Mima’s, are handmade in-house, as is the pizza fritte dough. Using only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients, Mima’s Meatballs & More is sure to become  your new favorite.

3. Ki Asian Bistro and Sushi Average Rating: 4.5

Ki Asian Owner and chef Benny Chow prepares delicious cuisines at this Asian fusion restaurant situated on Eagle Road in Danbury. From sushi to sashimi chirasi, Ki Asian carefully prepares the most exquisite Asian cuisine with that special personal touch that makes a dining establishment stand out from the rest.

4. Rumors European Café Average Rating: 4.5

Rumors Cafe A “a quaint family owned espresso shop that offers specialty coffees&teas,and delicious smoothies, pastries & specialties not found elsewhere,” Rumors European Café is a great place to go to grab a coffee with a friend, a smoothie on your lunch break, or a tasty treat in the afternoon.

5. O’Brien’s Sports Pub & Restaurant Average Rating: 4.5

O'Brien's Fresh, delicious food, cocktails, and traditional Irish hospitality await you at O’Brien’s Sports Pub & Restaurant. The perfect place to stop by to visit with friends or enjoy a cocktail after a long day at work, O’Brien’s brings a true Irish pub-feel to Danbury.

6. Pho Vietnam Restaurant @PhoYoMind Average Rating: 4.25

Pho Vietnam For unique and exclusive food that’s sure to leave a lasting impression, Pho Vietnam Restaurant is a must next time you’re in the Danbury area. Located less than ten minutes from the New York state line, Pho offers delectable, authentic Vietnamese cuisine made with the freshest, highest-quality ingredients.

7. Mezon Tapas Bar & Restaurant
@Mezon_CT Average Rating: 4.25

Mezon Tapas Situated in the Mill Plain Road dining district, Mezon Tapas Bar & Restaurant won’t disappoint. Featuring “an inventive fusion of Spanish, Latin American, and Caribbean inspired dishes,” Mezon Tapas offers a little something for everyone.

8. Pancho’s Tacos Average Rating: 4.25

Pancho's Tacos Pancho’s Tacos has been serving up tasty tacos to the Danbury, CT area since 1991. Pancho’s Tacos’ aim is to offer fresh, fast food at reasonable prices using fresh, quality ingredients.

9. Kibberia
@Kibberia Average Rating: 4.25

Kibberia A Middle Eastern restaurant and cafe, Kibberia has two locations, Westport and Danbury, both offering a wide selection of unique and authentic Middle Eastern cuisine.

10. Ibiza Tapas Average Rating: 4.25

Ibiza Tapas Rich, bright colors of orange and yellow adorn the interior of Ibiza Tapas, creating the perfect atmosphere for the authentic Spanish cuisine you’ll enjoy here. The restaurant specializes in Spain’s famous tapas, but offers a splendid variety of choices to suit every taste.

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