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Top 10 Must Know Fall Home Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Top 10 Must Know Fall Home Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Fall is here. Although many of us want to remain in a summer state of mind, there is no choice but to face facts…it’s fall. It still feels like summer, but as the sun starts on summer, there are certain fall home maintenance tips all homeowners should add to their calendars.

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To help homeowners, here a few fall home maintenance tips that will keep the outside and inside of your home in great shape all season long.

Exterior Fall Home Maintenance Tips

fall home maintenance tips for the outside of your home

1. Check the Gutters & Roof

Perhaps the most important fall home maintenance activity is checking and cleaning gutters. If eaves are clogged with leaves, twigs, and other junk heading into the winter, then you may experience ice dams and backups.

While you’re up on that ladder checking your eavestroughs, take a thorough look at your roof.

Once the snow starts to fall, water and ice can get under those loose shingles, which could cause leaks. And any leaks that go undetected could turn into mold that may develop in your ceiling and walls.

2. Clean the Chimney (& Fireplace)

Make sure your chimney and fireplace is ready for the winter because chimney debris can easily cause house fires.

Plus, cleaning the fireplace helps keep your family safe during the winter by providing an additional heat source (if needed) during any potential winter storms.

3. Inspect the Deck

Fall is the perfect time to take care of any deck maintenance. Conduct an inspection that looks at the durability of any stain or peeling paint, along any cracked caulk.

Basically, the inspection should confirm that the sealant is in good shape, which will prevent warping during the winter.

4. Seal Gaps in Driveway & Around Your Home

As temperatures start to drop, then snow, ice and rain can cause damage to driveways. Take some time during the fall to clean, clear and seal any cracks in the driveway (or any other walkways). Clearing out any debris in the cracks and covering with a driveway filler can extend the life of your driveway.

Plus, double check any holes or entries to crawl spaces, attics, or chimneys to ensure small critters do not spend the winter in your home.

5. Prep the Garden for Winter

Take the first step to ensure green grass next spring by preparing your garden and lawn before winter strikes. Rake leaves and shred (as applicable to local guidelines) to use as mulch and cut back perennials and mulch around the roots to keep your lawn in great shape for the spring.

6. Drain Sprinkler Systems & Turn Off Outdoor Water Sources

Along the lines of prepping your lawn for winter, be sure to prep any outdoor water sources. Keep in mind that any water left in the pipes will freeze during the winter and possibly require expensive repairs in the spring.

  • Wrap and/or use insulated covers for the outside exposed pipes and faucets.
  • Be sure to insulate any exposed water pipes inside your home.
  • Wrap up any outside hoses and store them in a dry location inside your home.
  • Turn off outdoor water sources.

Interior Fall Home Maintenance Tips

fall home maintenance tips for the inside of your home

7. Caulk the Windows

Caulk is useful to help close gaps around the house. Keep in mind that there is interior and exterior caulk, so take a tour around your home and look out for any gaps near chimneys, siding, eaves, gable moldings, window sills and sashes, door frames and inside corners formed by the siding.

In the interior, pay special attention to pipes, wires, vents, duct vents, outlets and switch plates on outside walls and protruding through your attic floor.

8. Inspect & Service the Furnace

Have furnace inspected and replace the filter, which could save significant savings on energy bills during the winter. Plus, an inspection will provide peace of mind that your furnace will provide heat all winter long to keep your family warm.

As a reminder, SolvIt provides furnace inspections as part of the Home Protection Plan.

fall home maintenance includes a heating tune up

9. Reverse & Clean Ceiling Fans

As the weather drops, then reverse any ceiling fans so they spin clockwise at a low speed, which creates an updraft that will direct the warm air from the ceiling down to your level.

Plus, clean and wipe down all ceiling lights, along with wiping wipe down/vacuum all lamp shades.

10. Flip and/or Rotate Mattresses

If you follow words of wisdom from grandma, then you should be doing ok. And flipping the mattress falls under that category. Our grandma has the following saying:

April = around (rotate mattresses)

October = over (flip mattresses)

Do it this fall and launder all the bedding while you’re at it (mattress pads, pillows, duvets, dust ruffles, blankets and comforters).

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

To help homeowners with the various fall home maintenance tasks, then Angie’s List provided a quick summary of the main activities.

  • Chimney: have your chimney cleaned and inspected. If you have fires regularly, your chimney should be inspected once a year.
  • Gutters: clean and check your gutters, plus ensure downspouts carry water away from the foundation.
  • Roofing: check flashing around the seams of your roof, look for damaged shingles and remove any branches that hang over your home.
  • Storage: move paint, caulk and adhesives inside to avoid freezing.
  • Insulation: insulation is a very cost-effective way to lower your heating bills. Get a home energy audit to find out where you need additional insulation.
  • Water heater: drain your water heater to remove sediment buildup from the holding tank, which can improve your water heater’s efficiency by 50% by draining.
  • Windows and doors: check for drafts around windows and doors, and apply weatherstripping where needed.
  • Furnace: air filters that are clogged with dust and debris can greatly reduce your home’s heating efficiency and should be checked and replaced regularly, especially if you have pets.

For any and all fall home maintenance needs, SolvIt is here to help. From insulation to HVAC and furnace inspections, we have quality and experienced technicians that can handle any job.

And our valued customers are in our corner:

“I had old insulation removed and new insulation installed as well as an Energy Audit done. Everyone I dealt with was professional and considerate and did a great job. They were respectful of my home and my things [and] cleaned up fully when they were done. [Plus,] they were all great [and] did a thorough job and completed everything that was on my contract. I was very happy with the entire process and would recommend Solvit to my friends.”

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a Home Energy Checkup to prep your home and save on your monthly utility bills, then call us today!