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Top 10 Swimming Pool Maintenance Providers in the Stamford Area

Top 10 Swimming Pool Maintenance Providers in the Stamford Area

If you live in Stamford, Connecticut, or the surrounding area, you know that you can solve all of your plumbing, electrical, heating, and air conditioning issues with one call to SolvIt. SolvIt’s professional technicians are courteous and well trained and strive to make all of your repairs in one day. We also offer our popular Home Protection Plan, which includes our Lifetime Warranty and home safety inspection for a low-cost annual fee.

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But, SolvIt is not the answer for your swimming pool service or maintenance issues in the Stamford area. We leave swimming pools to the swimming pool professionals, and that’s what you will find in the top 10 swimming pool maintenance providers we have listed here for Stamford and its surrounding communities. Our top 10 swimming pool maintenance providers in the Stamford area have earned top ratings from clients on sites such as Houzz, Kudzu, Google, Facebook, and/or the Better Business Bureau. Each of our top swimming pool maintenance providers in the Stamford area has an average rating of 4.2/5 or higher, and you can rest easily knowing that you are entrusting your swimming pool to their years of experience and proven service records. Please note, we have listed our top 10 swimming pool maintenance providers in the Stamford area here, in no particular order.

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1. Shoreline Pools
Average rating: 4.4/5

Shoreline Pools

Shoreline Pools offers exceptional attention to service in the Stamford area. Their professional care and maintenance plans for swimming pools offer a selection of solutions, including special discount packages for pre-season agreements. Shoreline will keep your Stamford pool looking its best all year round.

2. Hoffman Landscapes
Average rating: 5/5

Hoffman Landscapes

Hoffman Landscapes is much more than a landscaping firm. They offer property maintenance of all sorts for your Stamford-area home, including pool maintenance. Hoffman Landscapes provides expert care for your swimming pool, including taking a proactive approach so that you are aware of changing conditions and can take the appropriate steps to curb issues before they become costly problems.

3. Drakeley Pool Company
Average rating: 4.8/5

Drakeley Pool Company

Drakeley Pool Company is an award-winning luxury swimming pool and water feature design and construction firm that offers services to the Stamford area. Drakeley houses a complete service division that provides comprehensive care for swimming pools in and around the Stamford area.

4. Fairfield Pool
Average rating: 4.5/5

Fairfield Pool

Fairfield Pool is Fairfield County’s longest established pool builder. But, Fairfield Pool also is a full-service in-ground pool company that is available with the parts, service, and maintenance that your Stamford-area swimming pool needs long after it is installed.

5. Neave Group Outdoor Solutions
Average rating: 4.7/5

Neave Group

Neave Group Outdoor Solutions offers a broad range of swimming pool maintenance services for the Stamford area. Whether you have an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool, Neave Group Outdoor Solutions will keep your pool in top condition and help you maintain your pool area at the same time.

6. Glen Gate Company
Average rating: 4.9/5

Glen Gate Company

Glen Gate Company has been designing and caring for properties, gardens, and pools in the Stamford area and its surrounding communities for more than 40 years. Glen Gate Company offers the pool care you can trust, especially with their 24-hour emergency services line and their full-time staff of pool care professionals.

7. Alpha Pools LLC
Average rating: 5/5

Alpha Pools

Alpha Pools LLC offers a full line of pool service and maintenance to Stamford residents and their neighboring communities. From pool opening and closing, to winter monitoring, to regular maintenance offered weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, Alpha Pools LLC will work to keep your pool clean and safe for you and your family.

8. Pristine Pools of Greenwich
Average rating: 4.3/5

Pristine Pools of Greenwich

Pristine Pools of Greenwich offers year-round service in the Stamford area. Pristine’s professional pool care experts conduct regular chemical checks, advise homeowners of concerns, and offer service and maintenance on a weekly basis. Pristine Pools of Greenwich offers a long list of service and maintenance options for your pool, including draining and cleaning, power vacuuming, equipment upgrading and replacing, and more.

9. Rave Pools
Average rating: 5/5

Rave Pools

Rave Pools specializes in serving and maintaining swimming pools. They offer a range of maintenance services to the Stamford area, including swimming pool opening and closing, plumbing, leak detection, and more.

10. Lang Pools Inc.
Average rating: 4.2/5

Lang Pools

Lang Pools Inc. provides weekly on-site pool maintenance for your Stamford-area swimming pool. Lang works to ensure that your swimming pool has a long life and pristine appearance. Their weekly maintenance plan includes a chemical evaluation, pool cleaning and vacuuming, filter cleaning and backwashing, an equipment evaluation, and pool wall and bottom brushing.

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