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How Water Filtration Protects Your Family

How Water Filtration Protects Your Family

Do you take clean and safe drinking water for granted?

For example, as this report from CBS News shows, there are plenty of contaminants in public drinking water.

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As noted in the report, there is a national database that provides information on your local water, including the number of contaminants that are above or below the approved levels of safety guidelines. In addition, the database shows contaminants that are not part of national guidelines.

In particular, contaminants are most harmful for young children and pregnant women.

Fortunately, there is good news. Simple water filters and water filtration help protect your family and provide safe drinking water.

Water Filtration Basics

learn about the basics of water filtration

For reference, water filtration refers to any system or process that removes particles and/or pollutants from water. For example, water filters remove impurities in the water. Often, the impurities may be a result of hard water. However, impurities may be due to other conditions as well.

Therefore, there are various types of water filters, which are used for different reasons, such as providing:

  • clean drinking water.
  • irrigation.
  • safe pond or swimming pool water.

Technically, water filtration encompasses anything that removes particles, sediment, bacteria or simple removes the taste of chlorine. As a result, if it has a filter of any type, it’s a filtration system.

For example, some appliances, such as refrigerators, are designed with water filtration features that include filtered water or ice.

Types of Water Filtration

Generally, filtration systems include activated carbon charcoal filters either designed within a pitcher or included as part of a faucet-mount or tap-installed filter, ultra violet (UV) light units, reverse osmosis, water distillers (whole system or portable counter) or other form of water treatment process.

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  • Point-of Use Water Filters

A point-of-use water filter focuses on lead removal. Therefore, with a point-of-use water filtration system, the filter removes lead from water immediately prior to consumption. As a result, this filter is incredibly helpful in preventing lead from entering the body.

  • Countertop Water Filters

A countertop water filter focuses on safe drinking water. For example, countertop water filtration systems provide a steady source of clean, healthy water. As a result, families can avoid the costs and environmental waste associated with constantly drinking bottled water.

  • Under-the-Sink Water Filters

An under-the-sink-water filter is similar to the countertop water filter. However, this filtration system is smaller in size and can fit under the sink (as the name implies) to save valuable kitchen space.

  • Whole-House Water Filters

A whole-house water filter is a comprehensive solution to water contaminants. Therefore, a whole-house water filtration system provides high quality water at every spot in your home. For example, from faucets to toilets in the bathroom to the washing machine and dishwasher, this system provides clean water for everything in your home.

Water filtration systems differ in size, price, installation and efficiency, but they all in some way improve home water quality.

Quality Water Filtration

To ensure that you and your family install a safe and quality water filtration system, then select a filter that has proper certification.

ansi set water filtration standardsThe American National Standards Institute (ANSI) issues accreditation to companies that offer certified products which adhere to the ANSI or National Science Foundation (NSF) standards.

Each standard requires verification of contaminant reduction performance claims, an evaluation of the unit, including its materials and structural integrity, and a review of the product labels and sales literature. Plus, each certifies that home water treatment units meet or exceed industry drinking water standards.

There are three organizations that have achieved ANSI/NSF standards and water filtration products or systems with these certifications, should be comforting.

  • NSF International

NSF International offers a water treatment Device Certification Program that requires extensive product testing and unannounced audits of production facilities. A primary goal of NSF International is to provide assurance to consumers that the water treatment devices they are purchasing meet the design, material and performance requirements of national standards.

  • Underwriters Laboratories

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., is an independent, accredited testing and certification organization that certifies home water treatment units which meet or exceed EPA, ANSI or NSF drinking water standards of contaminant reduction, aesthetic concerns, structural integrity, and materials safety.

  • Water Quality Association

The Water Quality Association is a trade organization that tests water treatment equipment, and awards its Gold Seal to systems that meet or exceed ANSI/NSF standards for contaminant reduction performance, structural integrity, and materials safety.

At SolvIt, we offer water filtration solutions for every need and budget. Each solution is designed to provide you with a steady supply of clean and fresh home water for drinking, cooking, washing and bathing. For more information, then contact our water specialists today!