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What is a Whole Home Surge Protector?

What is a Whole Home Surge Protector?

What is a whole home surge protector?

Whole home surge protectors help prevent electrical shocks from damaging electrical devices and appliances in your home.

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From TVs to cell phone chargers, our homes contain hundreds of devices. For example, even our kitchen appliances, such as many stoves and ovens contain little microprocessors in their control board. As a result, a sudden electrical surge can cause damage to these expensive products.

Therefore, a whole home surge protector protects your home and bank account because they are an inexpensive way to increase the life of your major appliances by about 30%. Plus as an added bonus, many insurance companies offer discounts for homes with surge protectors.

Every home requires different analysis, but proper whole home surge protectors starts with thinking backwards. First, think about the expensive appliances and devices. For example, homes should include surge protection at the main panel that powers A/C units or well pumps. Plus, surge protection at the equipment level as well.

How does a whole home surge protector work?

Many homeowners feel whole house surge protection occurs by installing a surge protective breaker or panel in the main breaker load center(s). However, authentic and comprehensive whole home surge protectors prevent various levels of electrical protection.

For example, UL, a global independent safety company that tests for and certifies product safety, categorized surge protective devices into various types. These various levels indicate each surge protectors specific performance characteristics and areas of usage. For maximum protection, surge protectors should be applied to each level. However, minimum protection still requires suppression at two of the locations that feed sensitive electrical loads.

The three main level of protection include the service entrance and main panel, distribution and subpanel, and individual equipment and wall outlets.

Proper installation helps effectively protect sensitive electrical and electronic equipment from the damaging effects of voltage surges.

What does whole home surge protection prevent and protect?

As a result of routine electrical surges, homeowners lose tens of thousands of dollars in home electronics and appliances.

Although most people worry about lightning striking their home and causing damage, routine electrical spikes create a majority of the damage incurred by homeowners. In fact, the most damage results from the utility company switching grids and managing the electrical load of the area.

As some electrical experts note, whole house surge protectors help prevent unnecessary damage.

“For example, a sudden demand on the utility power supply from industrial customers that use bursts of power would cause a surge. Conversely, turning on and off home appliances create mini surges as well.

Have your lights dimmed when your A/C turns on?

If so, that is another example of a shock to your home electrical system. Imagine similar events occurring throughout the day and the resulting wear and tear on your home appliances over time. Additionally, electricians call the surges by the 5-95 rule. Basically, 5% of electrical damage is caused by lightning strikes. 95% of damage comes from other sources.”

How can SolvIt help?

SolvIt offers licensed electricians that assess your home electrical system and determine the best surge protection options available to protect your home.

Plus, we employ Connecticut’s best electricians and electrical services providing professional electrical installations and repairs along with our excellent customer service. SolvIt is here to fulfill your emergency electric needs 24/7. The safety, energy efficiency and management of the electricity usage in your home depends on having an experienced electrician to diagnose issues, repair problems, and install or upgrade your services.

For any whole home surge protector questions or electrical needs, contact us today!