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Why Preventative Maintenance Protects Your Home

Why Preventative Maintenance Protects Your Home

Winter weather is brutal. The last thing you want during a snowstorm is your hot water heater or furnace to break down. This is why preventative maintenance protects your family and home. Additionally, proper upkeep of your major appliances also saves money because they are more efficient.

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If you think about, what’s not to like about a heated home and more money?

preventative maintenance keeps your home in good condition in every season

Most homeowners do not perform routine maintenance on the big three appliances (furnace, water heater and air condenser). Most of the time, the furnace works. It is business as usual…until it doesn’t work. If this happens in December as the in-laws are on the way over for a nice holiday dinner, then you may not live this down. If you think of preventative maintenance as insurance, then it works when you need it.

As the temperature cools, then a good example is the morning shower. Colder temperatures translate into longer showers and more hot water. When was the last time you checked the Anode Rod?

If you immediate reaction is “What is the anode rod?” then you are in good company. The anode rod screws into the top of the water heater and is made of sacrificial material that attracts the minerals in the water. The minerals attack the anode rod instead of the tank. Often, water heater tanks start to leak after the warrantee program ends as the anode rods are no longer effective and are not replaced. For reference, replacing the anode rod is possible for DIY homeowners, but ensure you take the proper safety precautions because you are dealing with hot water.

Simply replacing the anode rod can double or triple the longevity of your water heater. Talk about savings over time!

At SolvIt, we offer protection plans because we believe there are many benefits to annual maintenances. We have listed some of the major perks of annual tune-ups below. The best part of preventative maintenance…the savings!

When major appliances run efficiently, then they use less energy, which results in a reduced utility bill.

Energy Efficient Equipment

Preventative Maintenance Helps Keep the Boiler Running EfficientlyNot so fun fact, your furnace, hot water heater and AC unit (if applicable) can add up to over 60% of your annual energy expenses. Regular maintenance reduces the operating cost of all of these appliances saving you big bucks! All you have to do is figure out what you want to do with your extra cash!

Increased Air Quality

The Environmental Protection Agency has ranked indoor air quality among the top five environmental dangers! If you have a gas furnace, during heating season it burns fossil fuels to heat the air. Carbon monoxide is the byproduct.

Although the furnace and home flue system are designed to be the conduit to remove the dangerous gas from the home, these parts may fail over time. Additionally, many of the HVAC components get dirty, which results in poor air quality. This makes the annual inspections very important, and SolvIt performs camera inspections of these parts to ensure safe operation.

Equipment Warranties Protection

Many equipment warranties are predicated on annual service by a licensed professional. With our platinum protection plan we tack on lifetime parts and labor warranties again predicated on annual services. If for whatever reason you need to use the manufacture warranty, be ready to show them that it was serviced regularly or you may be in trouble!

Preventative Maintenance Helps Reduce Breakdowns

preventative maintenance helps the water heater from breaking downTune-up’s (or preventative maintenance) are not referred to as PM’s by the professionals for the sake of using acronyms! PM means finding issues before they cause more issues down the road. The proactive approach helps reduce the chance your major equipment will breakdown when it needs to perform…during wicked winter weather and when the in-laws are in town!

Peace of Mind

With all of this listed above why risk it? SolvIt will service all of the major appliances in your home annually. In addition, we document it for you and recommend any items need fixes. We take the home protection seriously, so we will also call you to schedule so you don’t have to worry, and apply lifetime parts and labor warranties to all qualifying repairs!

Give one of Connecticut’s most reliable heating and air contractors a call today to schedule a tune-up or find out more about our exclusive protection plans!