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Electrical Outlet Installation and Light Switch Services

Outlets are more and more important in the modern world. When they don’t work, or there isn’t one nearby, you can’t charge your devices or use an appliance. In these cases, electrical outlet installation or repair is necessary. 

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In this field, SolvIt can help. We handle all sorts of electrical issues, from outlet repairs and installations to full replacements. With us, you can wipe your outlet woes away in no time. 

Main Types of Electrical Outlets

While most people are familiar with the types of electrical outlets they see every day, there are actually many other types of outlets out there. That also means that there are many different types of outlets to choose from when it comes to electrical outlet installation

15A, 120-Volt Outlets

This is the type of outlet most people are familiar with. It is the outlet used by phone chargers, laptops, coffee makers, and most other electrical appliances. 

These types of outlets come in two varieties. The first is just two prongs. The second is three prongs, with the third serving as a ground. 

20A 125-Volt Outlets

These outlets look very similar to the 15A, 120-volt outlets. However, they have another small line coming from one of the prongs in the outlet. 

These outlets also differ in their function. They provide more power and, thus, are used to run larger devices, like a refrigerator or washing machine. 

20A 250-Volt Outlets

These outlets look similar to 20A, 125-volt outlets. However, one of the prongs is turned differently. 

These outlets are used for even more powerful appliances. Some larger air conditioners or air compressors need this type of outlet. 

Tamper-Resistant Receptacles

These receptacles look just like other outlets. However, they have a system that allows them to be safer. Specifically, they have small shutters on the inside of the outlet that physically block most things from entering the outlet but still allow a plug to pass through. One advantage of installing this type of electrical outlet is that it prevents children from sticking their fingers inside. 

GFCI Outletselectrician replacing an electrical outlet

GFCI outlets are a type of outlet with an emergency cut-off switch built right in. When overloaded, these outlets cut off power and stop working until they are physically reset. 

Because of this safety feature, these outlets are commonly used in areas where water is a hazard. If water spills onto a normal outlet, it will keep running, shocking anyone and anything that comes into contact with it. However, with a GFCI outlet, the electricity will shut off when the outlet senses this is happening. 

AFCI Outlets

Electrical systems can be incredibly dangerous if something goes wrong. If a wire is disrupted, electricity can arc from one part of the system to another. This generates a tremendous amount of heat and draws in a lot of electricity. If left unchecked, this issue can cause serious electric shock or heat its surroundings to the point where a fire starts. 

AFCI outlets are designed with this issue in mind. These outlets detect when something like this goes wrong and shut off immediately. This prevents an electrical issue from getting out of hand and makes the system even safer. 

USB Outlets

USB outlets are exactly what they sound like. They are outlets that allow you to plug in a USB cord directly into the outlet. 

These are great because they often exist directly alongside other commonly used outlets. So, you end up being able to plug more devices in at once. 

How to Tell If You Need to Replace a Light Switch

If your lights won’t turn on, you may need to replace a light switch. Before you run out and find light switch installation services, check a few things first.  

  • Check the lightbulbs. If your light bulbs aren’t working, the light won’t work either. 
  • Check the electrical panel. In modern homes, electrical panels have a tendency to overload. If this happens, it could trip the panel, requiring a reset before the lights will work again. 
  • Inspect the switch. Sometimes, a visual inspection will reveal cracks, breaks, or other issues on the switch itself. If you see these, you will have a good idea that the switch is broken. 

Electrical Outlet and Light Switch Installation and Repair

If you need to have your outlets repaired or want to install new ones, book SolvIt today. Our highly-trained team of licensed electricians can handle all types of electrical issues, including electrical outlet installation. With us, you can get quality electrical services without having to worry about something going wrong. We can even guide you through the process of deciding what to do to your home, offering our expert advice at every step. Overall, SolvIt is a team you can trust with your home’s electricity.  

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