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Connecticut Energy Solutions from Solvit

In 2014 SolvIt Home Services became the exclusive Connecticut partner of GreenHomes America to bring you not only savings on your energy bills, but energy saving recommendations and added comfort to your home. We offer a comprehensive Home Comfort and Energy Checkup to help bring all of our energy efficiency recommendations to life. Our check up pinpoints the sources of high energy consumption as well as health and comfort issues such as air leaks, moisture build-up, defective ducts, insufficient insulation, and more.

Energy Solution Benefits

  • Increase your home comfort levels, especially in the summer and winter
  • Improve your indoor air quality
  • Increase your home’s resale value
  • Uncover hidden safety issues, such as carbon monoxide or gas leaks
  • Uncover hidden accumulations of mold or mildew
  • Help you obtain rebates and incentives to minimize home improvement costs
  • and much more

As the exclusive Connecticut partner of GreenHomes America, SolvIt is uniquely qualified to pinpoint sources of wasted energy in your home. Each of our Home Performance & Energy Advisors has received extensive training at the state-of-the-art-facilities of GreenHomes America.

Our team is ready and able to pinpoint the following during the checkup process:

  • Air leaks
  • Insufficient insulation
  • Moisture build-up
  • Defective and leaking ducts
  • Gas or carbon monoxide leaks
  • Radon mitigation testing
  • Ventilation problems
  • Crawl space encapsulation
  • Inefficient lighting and appliances
  • Inefficient heating & cooling systems

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