Fantastic Father’s Day Gift Guide to Make Dad Enjoy the Summer

Father's Day Gift Guide to Enjoy Summer

Fantastic Father’s Day Gift Guide to Make Dad Enjoy the Summer

(Last Updated On: June 15, 2017)

For many of us, there is one person that is dependable and trustworthy, but probably taken for granted from time to time. Yes, Dad, is always there when we need him and always in your corner, but often overlooked at gift time. There are plenty of ideas around and they all aim to help find that perfect gift just for your Dad. Don’t worry because here is a Father’s Day Gift Guide that will help Dad enjoy summer!

Dad has always been there, like giving you piggyback rides through the park and now taking the grandkids to that same park so you can enjoy some personal time. Over the years, Dad is the constant that helps center your own individual world and deserves a gift that acknowledges his special superpower.

Father’s Day Gift Guide: General Considerations

Dad has enough ties and homemade art projects. The best presents have a personal touch that shows Dad you have been listening and paying attention over the years.

How do you go about finding that great Father’s Day gift?

First, start by asking yourself, what type of Dad do I have? There are various Dads, some love the outdoors or have a favorite sports team, some love music or exercise. Narrow down your search by picking a part of his life that he currently enjoys.

Next, set your budget. Although we all wish we had unlimited funds for Dad, the reality is, we probably rely on Dad because we don’t have an unlimited cash. However, this doesn’t matter because the thought truly counts and there are a wide range of price points within your Dad’s favorite activities.

Plus, updating any generic gift with a personal touch will make a big difference. Adding a monogram or engraving a simply gift is a great way to personalize an item and show you go that extra step for Dad.

Father’s Day Gift Guide: Self Improvement

If Dad’s know one thing, it is that their family will always give them some self-improvement tips. From nagging them about current pop culture trends to criticizing (mainly constructively) wardrobe choices, we all have our Dad’s best interest in mind. To help, here are some unique ways to encourage the self-improvement trend.

  • Health and Fitness Books

Although Dad may not have time to read, he’ll appreciate the sentiment. The Guide to Manly Health & Training is a collection of commentary filled with 19th-century thoughts on dress, food, and exercise—some of which are still applicable today—and others that are simply entertaining food for thought.

  • Emphasis His Funny Bone

We all know that Dad is the funniest person in the house (or Dad knows this is true). Embrace his funny bone with Sick in the Head, which is great for comedy fans and movie buffs with interviews from Lena Dunham to Jerry Seinfeld.

  • Updated Music Selections

Dad has a unique and eclectic taste in music. Embrace his specific taste with something out of the ordinary, like this product, the Flipbin, which holds LPs and offers a great way to display the titles currently in rotation.

  • Improved Coffee Game

Many of us have a vintage memory of Dad reading the paper and enjoying a cup of coffee on the weekends. The problem is that Dad is probably using that same coffee equipment, so step up his coffee game with a new coffee maker. The Oxo offers a kettle on one side that heats up the water to optimal temperature and the brewer on the other side makes the coffee, which keeps it hot inside the insulated carafe.

  • Classic Print to Spruce up the Home Office

Help Dad had some nostalgia to his personal space with some classic photos and prints from Archiv-e, which has a vast array of photos from the moon to nature or historical figures. The company prints your pick onto high-quality fine art paper and ships it to you, ready for Dad to hang in the afternoon!

Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Grill Portfolio

Dad manning the grill is a classic image many of us remember from our youth. If Dad still takes pride in his grilling, then find some ways to improve his grill portfolio.

  • Expert Grill Cookbook

If Dad is a food connoisseur and considers himself a grill (and general food) expert, but you know the truth, then Salt Fat Acid Heat provides wannabe foodies with the basics. From the four key elements of food prep: salt, fat, acid, and heat, Dad can understand how these work to accomplish pretty much anything in the kitchen.

  • Guide to being a Grillmaster

Summer cookouts are perfect for Dad to show off his grill and barbeque skills. To ensure Dad is the talk of the town, then a Meat-Smoking Manifesto by the folks at award-winning Franklin Barbecue features ways to build your own smoker, cure the right wood and where to find the highest quality meats.

  • New Age Grill Thermometer

Many Dads out there love to show off their new tech tools, so combine his passion for technology and grilling with this modern grill thermometer. Dad can remotely monitor the grill via a free app and an alert will buzz him when the meat is at the target temp. Finally, Dad can cook the perfect meat and keep everyone entertained at the same time!

  • Homemade Grill Recipes

If Dad is great at grilling, but has not made any changes to the menu in the last decade, then help him out a bit. Instead of finding a general cookbook, make it personal. Find the recipes with ingredients that you know Dad will enjoy and put it together with the family. Personal and low-cost is a great way to make Dad happy this year!

Father’s Day Gift Guide: Relaxation and Entertainment

Finally, there is always a standby and reliable way to find the perfect gift for Dad. Provide some time for Dad to relax or provide an entertainment excursion that is right up his alley. If Dad golfs, then book a tee time at a new course. If Dad fishes, then mark a day on the calendar for him to fish and you can take care of his chores. There are plenty of ways to help provide some extra relaxation for Dad, such as:

  • Camping/Fishing Trip with the Family or Friends
  • Hire Help for a Weekend to Mow the Lawn and Wash the Cars
  • Take Him to Dinner and Let Him Eat His Favorites
  • Let Dad Pick the Movie

Give Dad a break and remember that SolvIt is here 24/7. If anything goes wrong at home this weekend, let Dad take a timeout and watch the game. SolvIt will help fix the issues!

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