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Furnace Repair Services in Connecticut

With over 80 years of experience serving Connecticut residents with prompt and dependable HVAC services, you can trust our team of technicians to help you fix a malfunctioning furnace in your house. Our professionals offer exceptional furnace repair services for homeowners in areas such as Bridgeport, Brookfield, Plainville, Stamford, New Haven, and Hartford. Whatever problem you’re experiencing, our team of licensed technicians has energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions. Book now to receive the quality furnace repair solutions you need at the prices you want.

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5 Signs You Need a Furnace Repair

1. Increased Monthly Energy Bills

If you notice the price of your energy bill increases each month, scheduling routine furnace services will help bring the rate back down. The more wear and tear a furnace undergoes, the more time and energy it takes to warm your living space. Decreased system efficiency increases energy usage, which results in a higher energy bill. Having our team of professionals perform furnace services will boost energy efficiency and produce monthly cost savings.

2. Overdue for Service

If you can’t remember the last time your furnace was serviced, it’s time to schedule an appointment with our team. Moving forward, schedule furnace maintenance at the beginning of the winter season.

3. Excess Dust Near Furnace Vents

Over time, dust builds up on the air filter in your furnace. To prevent airflow issues, it’s important to replace your air filter when it becomes dirty. However, excess debris can also start to collect in other areas of your furnace near the gas burners or heat exchanger. If you notice dust near the vents of your system, this is a sign it’s time to call our professionals to perform furnace cleaning and maintenance.

This buildup blocks proper airflow, decreases furnace efficiency, and causes premature wear and tear on your system. Be sure to replace the filter every two to three months for optimal system performance.

4. Strange Noises

It’s normal for a furnace to make noise at the beginning of each heating cycle. However, any excessive noises are likely a sign of an underlying issue, such as a loose or broken part. Our technicians offer reputable furnace repair services and are committed to fixing or replacing broken parts in your heating system.

5. Increased Heating Time

Is your furnace taking longer than normal to provide heat? Lack of maintenance or a worn-down unit could be the cause. Contact your local heating experts at SolvIt to take a closer look at the problem.

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5 Furnace Sounds You Should Never Ignore

If your furnace produces any of the following noises, turn off your unit and book an emergency appointment with our team of professionals.

1. Loud Banging Noises

Dirty burners can cause a buildup of gas in your furnace that creates a loud banging sound. Expanding and contracting air ducts could also be the source of the issue.

2. Metal Against Metal Sounds

Do you hear sounds of metal hitting metal from your furnace? Check the blower fan to see if it’s loose or broken.

3. Rattling Noises

A loose panel or loose screws can create rattling noises. After turning off your furnace, try using a screwdriver to tighten the panel. Another potential cause for the noise is a leaky or cracked heat exchanger.

Our team of certified technicians offer dependable furnace repair services in Bridgeport, CT and are available to help you fix a broken heat exchanger in your heating system. To prevent a gas leak in your house, book an appointment with our professionals immediately to replace the damaged parts in your furnace.

4. Rumbling Sounds

Dirty burners, a malfunctioning pilot light, and a general lack of maintenance are common causes of rumbling sounds. Make sure the pilot light is always blue.

5. Squealing Noises

Want to know what’s causing your furnace to make that high-pitch squealing noise? It could be a loose or damaged blower belt or a malfunctioning blower motor. Simple lubrication will do the trick for any of these causes.

HVAC Repair Services in Greenwich, CT

Furnace Repair Services in Bridgeport, CT and Other Areas

If you’re experiencing heating issues in your home, look no further than SolvIt to provide energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions. Our professionals offer reliable furnace repair services for families in areas of Connecticut such as Waterbury, Stamford, Middletown, Plainville, Greenwich, Bridgeport, New Haven, and Hartford. We have 24/7 emergency HVAC services without the emergency fees. Don’t wait for the repairs you need. Give our technicians a call by phone at (860) 325-7836 to receive assistance with a malfunctioning furnace in your house.

If you are having issues with your furnace, give our team a call at (413) 200-4203 to schedule an appointment.

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