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Furnace Replacement and Installation Services in Connecticut

For over 80 years, our team has provided superior HVAC installation services to homeowners in the local area. Our team of technicians offer reputable furnace replacement and installation services in areas of Connecticut such as Bridgeport, Hartford, Waterbury, Greenwich, Norwalk, New Haven, and Stamford. Whether you’re caught without heating in the dead of winter, or you’re doing some preventative maintenance, our professionals have all your furnace solutions.

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In the unfortunate case you are stuck without heating in on a cold day, we’re open 24/7. No waiting, no questions asked—if you need us, we’re there. Give our team a call at (860) 325-7836 to receive assistance installing a new furnace. Our team will help restore the distribution of warm air in your house.

Top 4 Types of Furnaces

Most homes have one of these four types of furnaces.

1. Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces are the most common type of system, with almost 50% of the U.S. population using them. They work by channeling gas from a municipal line to a combustion chamber that increases air temperature. This hot air is circulated throughout the ductwork in a home, effectively heating it up. Gas furnaces are one of the cheapest options for whole-home heating.

2. Oil Furnaces

Some local areas don’t have access to natural gas. This is where oil furnaces come in. Most homes using oil are in the northeast part of the U.S. Oil furnaces are less efficient than their gas counterparts but get the job done. Oil furnaces also have an element of combustion to them, which is how air gets heated and circulated in a home.

3. Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces are an environmentally-friendly alternative to gas and oil furnaces. Instead of combustion, they rely on heating elements that heat up the air. Next, the hot air is circulated to each room in a home. Electric furnaces are also usually the cheapest option.

4. Modulating Furnaces

Perhaps the most energy-efficient, modulating furnaces can identify the temperature of your air and adjust their heating as necessary to reach the target temperature on your thermostat. Not only do modulating furnaces provide highly-accurate heating, but they also are very energy efficient.

Our team of professionals offer furnace installation services for homes in Bridgeport, CT and other areas for modulating systems. Modulating furnaces do not turn off and on. Instead, this type of system is designed to steadily run at low energy. There is less power required while still delivering the desired temperature.

80+ Years of Expert HVAC Services

For over 80 years, SolvIt has provided:

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Licensed, trained, and friendly technicians
  • Prompt and dependable HVAC services
  • 24/7 on-call technicians for emergencies
  • No surprise, up-front pricing
  • Industry-leading warranties
  • Flexible financing options

SolvIt is highly rated by customers and is an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau. We’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with our services. If you are not satisfied, we offer a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. For any and all HVAC-related questions, feel free to reach out to our team.

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Furnace Installation Services in Bridgeport, CT and Other Areas

Is your furnace at the end of its life cycle? Do you notice your system making strange noises while it’s operating? Our team of technicians provide dependable furnace installation and replacement services for families in a variety of locations such as Waterbury, Stamford, Greenwich, New Haven, Norwalk, Bridgeport, and Hartford. No matter the issue, the professionals at SolvIt are ready to resolve your problems.

We will take care of you and get everything done quickly and properly. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy quality heating services. From furnace installation to furnace replacement and everything in between, we are your go-to provider for heating services. Give our staff a call at (860) 325-7836 to discuss the advantages of upgrading to a new furnace.

If you need assistance installing a new furnace in your house, give our team of professionals a call at (860) 325-7836 to schedule an appointment.

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