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Oil to Gas Conversion

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Are you thinking about converting from oil to gas these days?
You’re not alone, a full 2/3 of Connecticut homeowners are thinking about it! Why? 2/3 of homes and businesses still run on oil heat and with rising fuel costs many homeowners are looking for an alternative.

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Changing From Oil To Gas

SolvIt is here to help! Our gas heating specialists can design and install the perfect system for your home. We also can help you save hundreds of dollars each year on your utility costs. Oil to gas conversion is not a job that every HVAC company can handle. It requires special training, an experienced crew, having your oil tank removed, and working with your local gas company to make sure your home conversion process runs smoothly.

At SolvIt, we are uniquely qualified to help you enjoy the many advantages gas heat provides over oil, including up to 50% or more in energy savings alone. At that rate, your new system will have paid for itself in just 3-4 years on average. SolvIt works closely with Connecticut’s utility companies to help you determine if you’re eligible for a free gas hook-up. SolvIt has other incentives to make the transition from oil to gas as hassle-free as possible. By converting to gas, you can greatly reduce you home’s CO2 emissions and eliminate the noxious odors that go along with oil heat.

SolvIt offers all of our gas conversion services throughout Connecticut including: oil to gaspropane to gas, and electric to gas. Are you unsure if gas is available on your street? SolvIt can help identify the availability of gas in your area. We offer all of our heating services and repairs to our Connecticut services areas.

Energy Calculator

It’s one thing to make a promise about your energy savings, it’s another to be able to demonstrate it. Open our energy savings calculator, enter the appropriate information about your current home heating oil consumption and pricing and the calculator will do the rest! The calculator will clearly demonstrate how much less it would cost to heat your home with gas.

Energy Savings Calculator

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