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Sump Pump Installation & Repair Services

Sump pumps are an essential component for preventing floods in your home. Whether it’s raining outside or your outdated washing machine overflows during a cycle, the sump pump in your basement is designed to collect water and expel it outside. Our team of emergency plumbers offer reliable sump pump installation and repair services for homeowners in areas of Connecticut such as Bridgeport, Hartford, Waterbury, Plainville, Greenwich, New Haven, and Norwalk. Our technicians will ensure your sump pump is in working condition to prevent costly flooding and water damage.

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4 Types of Sump Pump Problems & Their Solutions

Maybe your sump pump doesn’t make strange noises but still isn’t working properly. Take a look below at four common sump pump problems that might apply to your device.

1. Clogged System

A collection of dirt, leaves, and other debris forms in your sump pump over time and can block water flow. This not only decreases the efficiency of your sump pump but puts your home at risk for flooding. Clean your sump pump frequently to prevent debris buildup and water flow blockage.

2. Odors Near the Sump Pump

Your sump pump contains a drain trap filled with water so sewage and gas smells won’t be released. If water held in the drain trap evaporates, those sewage and gas odors will permeate your home. You can prevent this issue by ensuring the drain trap always has water in it.

3. Incorrect Sump Pump Installation

For a sump pump to fulfill its job of pumping water out of your home, it must be installed properly. If you’re unsure about installing the sump pump yourself, a Solvit technician can perform a professional installation for you.

4. Non-Stop System Operation

Your sump pump should never run constantly. If it does, potential causes include a stuck switch or a broken check valve. Our professional technicians offer sump pump repair services in Hartford, CT and will help you fix your system to ensure it is not running constantly.

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Common Sump Pump Noises & What They Mean

If you’ve noticed that your sump pump has been making any of the following weird noises lately, take a closer look to determine what might be causing them.

Thunking Noises

Sump pumps can produce a thunking noise when they turn on and off, which sounds like a heavy object falling to the ground. This is likely caused by the check valve, a component that lets water pass through. You can eliminate this problem by removing the current check valve and installing a silent check valve.

Rumbling Sounds

If you hear what sounds like the low rumble of a car engine coming from your basement, it’s probably your sump pump hitting the basin wall. Start by placing a rubber stopper between the pump and the basin wall to eliminate the rumbling noise. You can also try applying lubricant to the motor. Still hearing noises? You may have to install a new sump pump.

Rattling Noises

As water flows through the pipes of your sump pump, they may rub against the basin wall and produce a rattling noise that resembles clanging pipes. Try wrapping insulation around the pipes to create a cushion and stop the rattling sound.

Electronic Beeping Sounds

Beeping noises coming from your sump pump can drive you crazy. The source of the issue is likely the alarm system or the battery backup system. Our expert plumbers offer sump pump repair services in Bridgeport, CT and are committed to helping you resolve issues with your system. Our team will diagnose the problem to eliminate the beeping noises from your system.

Sump Pump Benefits & Types

Your first line of defense is an electrically powered sump pump. More often than not, one pump can handle the water entering your basement, unless the power goes out.

For added protection, you also should consider a back-up pump. When the power goes out, your battery-powered sump pump will kick in immediately and take over until the power is restored. A fully-charged battery can keep the backup pump running for up to eight hours.

Sump Pump Installation Services in Bridgeport, CT and Other Areas

The team of professional plumbers at Solvit will help keep your basement water-free to prevent damage in your home. Our technicians provide reliable sump pump repair and installation services for families in areas of Connecticut such as Norwalk, Hartford, Bridgeport, Stamford, Greenwich, New Haven, Fairfield, and Waterbury. We install main and battery-powered sump pumps and repair all makes and models, including well pumps. Find the service you need, and book with us today.

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