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Water Line Repair and Installation Services

From taking showers to washing dishes, various daily household tasks require a functioning water line. When your water line malfunctions or stops working altogether, those tasks are put on pause. Our team of expert plumbers offer comprehensive water line repair and replacement services for homes in areas of Connecticut such as Stamford, Plainville, Bridgeport, Waterbury, New Haven, and Hartford. Our licensed plumbers are equipped with the tools necessary to fix a damaged water pipe behind your walls. Give our professionals a call by phone at (860) 325-7836 to book an appointment.

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4 Common Causes of Low Water Pressure in Homes

1. Debris Buildup

Materials such as hair, pieces of food, dirt, and grease collect may collect in the pipes in your home over time. If left untouched, this buildup of debris will significantly reduce the rate at which water flows through your pipes.

2. Corrosion

The oxidation process can create rust formation in your pipes. As this rust formation builds, it leaves less and less room for water to flow through. Rust formation also creates small holes in the water line where water seeps through, diminishing water pressure. Galvanized steel pipes are most susceptible to corrosion.

3. Water Meter and Shutoff Valves

Every home has two water valves, the main shutoff valve and the water meter valve. If one or both of these valves are not fully opened, water cannot flow through them as quickly as it should. Our technicians offer reputable water line repair services in Hartford, CT and are available to perform an inspection of your pipes and valves. Our staff will adjust your valves to ensure they are completely open.

4. Broken Pressure Regulator

The pressure regulator for your plumbing system ensures the pressure at which water flows through your pipes and out of your faucets remains at a healthy level. When the pressure regulator experiences issues like excessive mineral buildup, it can cause a decrease in water pressure throughout your house.

Water Line Repair Services in Hartford, CT

How to Know if Your Home Has Lead Pipes

If you’re concerned that the pipes in your home might be made of lead, follow these steps to check.

  • If the water lines in your home are dark gray in color, it’s most likely made of lead.
  • Use a screwdriver to scrape a section of the piping. If the rest area is soft and shiny, your pipes are constructed of lead. If the test area turns brown in color, your pipes are made of copper.
  • Many homes that were built before 1986 contain water pipes with lead solder—the metal that connects two sections of pipe. Perform the same scrape test to see whether the solder turns soft and shiny.
  • Finally, inspect your faucets to see if they’re made of brass. Some older brass faucets contain small traces of lead in them. Since any lead contamination is harmful, even the smallest trace of lead in your faucets can impact your health.
  • You can also test your water for lead contamination.

Lead Poisoning Symptoms to Be Aware Of

Any amount of lead contamination in your water supply poses a health risk, with young children being particularly vulnerable. Lead can be fatal when ingested in large doses. If you experience any of the following lead poisoning symptoms, seek immediate medical care.


  • Developmental delays
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Sluggishness and fatigue
  • Abdominal pain
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Hearing loss
  • Seizures
  • High blood pressure
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Headaches

Water Line Repair Services in Bridgeport, CT

Water Line Replacement and Repair Services in Bridgeport, CT and Other Areas

Whether you have a clogged drain or holes in your water line, you can count on our team of local plumbers to fix the issue. Our professionals offer dependable water line installation and repair services for houses in areas of Connecticut such as Norwalk, Bridgeport, Greenwich, Fairfield, Bristol, New Haven and Stamford. Backed by 24/7 emergency plumbing services, our our team is the best in the plumbing industry. Give our technicians a call at (860) 325-7836 or book an appointment online to receive assistance.

If you need help with a damaged water line in your house, give our team of licensed plumbers a call at (860) 325-7836 to schedule an appointment.

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