The Top 10 Home Improvement Podcasts: Tune In Today!

top 10 home improvement podcasts

The Top 10 Home Improvement Podcasts: Tune In Today!

(Last Updated On: January 5, 2017)

From murder mysteries like Serial to stories from NPR, podcasts cover virtually every topic. And home improvement topics are no different. So as we kick off 2017 and look to improve the little things in our lives and homes, here are some podcasts that are worth a listen.

The rise of podcasts are due to a few factors. Our phones are convenient and can play anything at anytime, so podcasts can fill the void of a slow afternoon in the office or a long commute home in the evening.

From the classics like Bob Vila to guilt free shows that let you know mistakes happen, here are some of the top home improvement podcasts to tune in this year!

Home Improvement Podcasts for the DIYer

The home improvement field is pretty broad, so these shows focus on technical know-how. In general, the shows help answer specific questions from homeowners.

1. Fix It Home Improvement

The team at the Fix It Home Improvement podcast spent years of remodeling homes and working with customers at the local hardware stores so they pull from years of experience to help.

In the podcast, the team covers DIY home repair tips, routines and products to share skills every homeowner should have, with products you can get at your local hardware store.

Interested homeowners can click here to subscribe.

2. The HandyGuys Podcast

The HandyGuys take their years of experience across the home improvement spectrum to offer humorous and valuable advice and tutorials that cover the basics to standard maintenance tasks, along with step-by-step home project guides.

Sound interesting? Click here to find out more and subscribe.

3. Ace on the House


Yes, Adam Carolla was a carpenter before switching to comedy and shares his experiences with his friend and professional general contractor to help answer questions from homeowners…with a humorous edge!

From contractors to novices, Ace On The House is unique content to keep anyone coming back every week.

Click here to learn how to subscribe.

4. Amazon Home Improvement Shorts


Recently, Amazon expanded to help homeowners connect with local home service providers. In addition, the team at Amazon also produced high quality shorts that provide quick technical solutions to many standard home maintenance needs.

Amazon Home Improvement Shorts are available here.

Home Design Podcasts for the Creative Mind

Yes, design and decor are part of home improvement and these podcasts help understand how this makes a difference.

5. Faking It


Faking It focuses on the lighter side of design. Everyone knows that mistakes occur, especially in the home. The team at Faking It share those common mistakes, along with a mix of jokes and humorous anecdotes that are mixed with some pop culture references to keep it interesting.

To subscribe to Faking It, click here.

6. 99% Invisible


99% Invisible is about all the thought that goes into the things we typically do not think about. As the show proclaims, nothing just appears, or exists, someone creative thought it up, designed it, prototyped it, found a way to manufacture it and put it out into the world before any of us interact with it.

Interested in exploring the invisible, subscribe here.

7. Design Pro Success Stories with Jeff Wortham


In Design Pro, architect Jeff Wortham explores how these design professionals find a healthy work-life balance, where they find inspiration, who has influenced them the most and what choices have had the biggest effect on their careers.

To subscribe to Design Pro, click here.

Podcasts from Home Improvement Gurus

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? The classic home improvement gurus of yesterday help answer any and all homeowner questions in these podcasts.

8. At Home with Bob Vila


Bob Vila is a legend in the home improvement community. As the original host of This Old House, Vila is now focused on helping homeowners with minor or major home projects through the digital landscape with this podcast.

Click here to subscribe to At Home with Bob Vila.

9. Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford


Danny Lipford and his team provides homeowners with a fun and fast-paced show that is full of tips, techniques and practical advice via podcast as well. The show answers questions to ensure homeowners have the best homes in the neighborhood.

For more information about Today’s Homeowner click here.

10. The Money Pit


The Money Pit is routinely named among the top radio shows in the country is aired on over 300 radio stations. The weekly show answers anything and everything around the home that helps listeners with their home repair and improvement problems.

The Money Pit is available here.

As a homeowner, we face a vast amount of information that aims to help. Of course, this is a good thing, but at times can feel daunting when we look to find a reputable source to help with the basics.

At SolvIt, we strive to earn your respect with our professionalism and focus on providing exceptional customer service. If you have any questions or home service needs, then please let us know. We are here 24/7 to help!

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