Top 10 Home Improvement Projects of 2015

10 Top Home Improvement Projects

Top 10 Home Improvement Projects of 2015

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2016)

The New Year brings new beginnings and new thoughts for the future. Some will have kids leave the home, others will start new families. There will be new homeowners throughout the year and a few home sellers as well. For all homeowners, it is important to know the value of various home improvement projects.

So where should homeowners spend their time and money?

Here are a rundown of the best home improvement projects based on increasing the value of your home.

Entry Door Replacements – Recoups 101%

The front door is the gateway to your home. Entry doors are the first and last thing guests see when they come and go, so keeping the front door in good condition helps improve the overall value of your home.


Via The Riverhead Project.

Manufactured Stone Veneer – Recoups 92%

Interior home improvements set the ambiance for your home. Homeowners need to make important design decisions about the materials that set the look and feel they want achieve. Increasingly, stone veneer improvements provide long term value.


Via Driven by Decor.

Garage Door Replacement – Recoups 88%

Garage doors open and close everyday, all day. Over time, the wear and tear on garage doors adds up and they start to break down. Luckily, there are plenty of great ideas when looking to replace garage doors that add a lot of value.


Via HomeBunch.

Siding Replacement – Recoups 80%

The weather is a powerful thing and home siding bears the brunt of snow, wind and rain all year long. Home improvement projects to replace home siding is a great way to maintain the long term value of your home.


Via MSN.

Deck Additions – Recoups 80%

Homes are a great way to entertain friends and family. In the summer, then a great backyard provides a fantastic place to hold cookouts and adding a deck is the perfect way to host more people. Deck additions are a fantastic home improvement project.


Via Mobile Home Living.

Minor Kitchen Remodel – Recoups 79%

Food is another gateway to the soul. And kitchens provide the backdrop for families gathering around meals to share stories. Although kitchen remodels span the price range, minor improvements can make a big impact on your kitchen and home value.


Via Apartment Therapy.

Window Replacement – Recoups 78%

Along with home siding, windows take a lot of abuse from the weather. In addition, windows provide valuable insulation to keep energy costs in check all year long. Window replacements are another great improvement to protect the value of your home.


Via Family Handyman.

Attic Bedroom – Recoups 77%

The attic is a great space to add another bedroom. Fortunately, it also pays back long term and there are no lack of ideas to explore the space to create a wonderful room.


Via The House Diaries.

Basement Remodel – Recoups 72%

Another great unused space in many homes is the basement. Homeowners can find fantastic value in basement remodels. Plus, this home improvement project may spark some creative inspirations for other ideas.


Via Architecture Art Designs.

Roofing Replacement – Recoups 71%

Providing repairs or replacing the exterior of homes tend to add value because they suffer wear from the elements. The roof is another such part of the home that may need a replacement. Fortunately for homeowners, roof replacements are a value-add home improvement project.


Via HomeBunch.

As we turn the page on 2015, we look forward to 2016 and all that may come. At SolvIt, we aim to help homeowners protect their homes all year long. Homes provide protection and allow families to grow, so we’d like to see everyone continue to find value in all home-related projects.

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